A stillness point on the Wheel of the Year

Solstice wishes and gratitude to share

Stillness pointMoving through the points on the Wheel

A really interesting conversation came up in the comments on last week’s blogpost, about how even though we celebrate all the points on the Wheel of the Year, the wheel never really stops. I have some more thoughts to add to the conversation.

Today is the Solstice, the point where the Sun appears to stand still — a stillness point — and then begin to change direction. Here in California, where I live, we celebrate the return of the light today, on Yule.

I love celebrating each stillness point on the Wheel of the Year, because it’s a time when I can take a breath in the sacred moment I get to celebrate on that day. A breath of recognition, of awareness, of commitment, of gratitude. But as I get more connected to my spirituality, as my practice gets more seasoned and more real, I find myself pulled to connect in a deep way to every single day of the year.

It’s like tai chi, yo.

I’ve been a tai chi student for 40, maybe 41 years (I don’t remember much of the ’70s, honestly). Years and years and years of classes and practice and more classes. Studying the form. Learning all those moves, those positions, where you arrive — body, arms, legs — everything arrives at once. Chunk — arrive at ward off left. Chunk — arrive at ward off right. Chunk — arrive at the press, the push, single whip. Chunk. Chunk. Chunk.

And then after a few years of learning all the chunks, I started to learn a deeper lesson. There are no chunks. Yes, everything arrives at once in ward off left, and ward off right, and every other “position” in the form. But you don’t stop. You arrive at an opportunity to check in, but it’s a breath that you are moving through. No stopping. Just movement. One continuous movement like a silken thread being pulled from a cocoon.

Wishes and gratitude

  • I hope you enjoyed your Solstice today, and that you continue to enjoy all the sparkly holiday gatherings you choose to attend, or throw for others. (Yes all those twinkly lights come from ancient traditions; in the darkness we celebrate the light, and remind ourselves that we will plant, grow, and reap again).
  • Here’s a wish: Enjoy your holiday, whatever and however you celebrate. And enjoy the days before, and the days after, and the days in between. Move through every moment with ease, awareness, and love.
  • I thank everyone who took the time to download the 2014 Completion and Release workbook. It’s not too late to get complete with everything that happened in 2014 and set a powerful foundation for the year ahead.
  • I fervently pray that the 13 recipients of my homemade gifts get them with no breakage or other mishaps. Yes, I am that one — crazy enough to mail out glass bottles with homemade skin toner and mosquito repellent. I wrapped them in bubble wrap and shoved them in a box. Then I decided that just one layer (all that would fit) of bubble wrap wasn’t enough, so I wrapped the boxes themselves in bubble wrap and shoved those in a mailer envelope, held in place by crumpled paper. Oy, I hope they all make it in one piece. Off to the post office in the morning, and at lease Mercury is not in retrograde right now.
  • I am grateful for the antibiotics that I took to help me heal from this lingering cough. No more fever, that’s a good sign.
  • I am grateful for the turn of the wheel and the return of the light, in case I hadn’t made that clear enough.
  • I am grateful that I have learned how to choose love, to choose positive thought, to wish everyone well. Life gives me so many opportunities for me to make that choice!

How was your Solstice? How was your day? Do you have some wishes and gratitude to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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