Stillness. Solstice. Simplicity.

It’s beautiful, quiet, and full of light around here. Big light inviting moments of stillness.

I’m sure you’re noticing the growing light, the endless days. Are you also finding yourself enjoying moments of stillness and peacefulness that seem to be plentiful right now? As we approach the moment when the Sun appears to stand still in the sky, there’s so much beauty to contemplate.

I thought I’d share some images that I’ve been drawn to capture over the last couple of weeks, accompanied by some of my favorite seasonal quotations.

Chrisian McNeill

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And then Dicken Bettinger on June 25th, 1pm PDT.

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All right, off you go. Enjoy.

celebrating stillness at Solstice

Do you feel the pace slowing down, in the widening light leading to Solstice? Do you feel a ton of energy for creation, even though not much may be visible yet?

Trust that feeling. That’s your inner bubbling cauldron. On simmer.

Stillness at Solstice, turn your face to the Sun

Stop and smell the roses. Seriously. Why not?

I hope your neighborhood is as lush as it gets these days; That certainly seems to be the case around here. Almost extravagant. Look up. Look around.

It’s said that Solstice means “Sun standing still,” a moment to stop and savor.

You don’t need to hold yourself out of the flow of your life. Instead, just honor those moments of stillness that occur to you.

Find stillness with your toes in the water.

Find your stillness at the water’s edge. Stick your toes in.

Join the party life’s throwing. You’re invited.

Make some time for frivolity (and even four-mile hikes; I did one this weekend, and it only took 24 hours to recover 🙃!)

You’ll probably survive giving yourself a little slack. Take an aimless drive. Walk around. Sit on a bench. Have a party. Dance!

That’s a wrap. See you Wednesday, 10am PDT, for Simplici-Tea.

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