Stop charging by the hour in your heart-centered practice

Yes, love, it’s time to set your fees.

And kick by-the-hour pricing to the curb forever. I could give you about eleven reasons why, but here are my top two.

Take ownership of the value, experience and expertise you offer

Please remember that you’re not getting paid for this hour, and the next. You’re getting paid for every hour of experience and expertise, everything you’ve learned over time that has become part of what you bring to your work — for your ability to weave together everything you’ve learned in your lifetime, from your first summer job, through your lifelong learning, honoring all your life and work experience, into the powerful service you deliver today.

clockYou can offer your clients so much more trust and safety when you give them a flat fee

Replace the ticking time clock with a project agreement.

  • A training package for your team? Lovely! It costs $3,500. It includes a kickoff meeting, two onsite training sessions, and supporting materials.
  • A website for your catering business? Of course! It costs $3,750. Includes a branding review, design, copy editing, three rounds of revisions, integrated blog, and social media marketing strategy.
  • Three months of life coaching? Perfect! The fee is $1,300. We’ll have two calls a month, you’ll get assignments to complete between the calls, and have email support as needed.

When you offer flat rates, you honor yourself and your clients in a much more sacred and grounded way. You remove the pressure for the client of worrying about how long the work is taking and what the final bill will be. You remove the pressure for yourself of earning enough money to pay for your overheads and your business development.

Now I know how it is with projects. Some go faster than others. Sometimes there are problems and the project takes much longer than it should, in a perfect world. It evens out over time. You will know, after a couple of times around the block, if your fee is right-sized. There’s a sacred magic combination in fee-setting that honors you, your client, your skills and expertise. Luckily, fees are not set in stone.

What I’m not telling you in this article (and there’s so much more to say!)

  • How to set your rates so that they reflect your expertise, experience, and commitment to be of service, and to make sure your rates include money to sustain you as you develop and grow your beautiful business
  • When and how to raise your rates
  • Adding one-to-many products and programs to your one-to-one services to grow your reach, your impact and your fortune

More to come on this in future posts…!

Gratitude, from my heart to yours…

  • I’m grateful today for an actual no-work weekend. I didn’t work on my business at all, or even in the garden (too hot!), very unusual for me. It felt great!
  • I’m grateful for a very good book that entertained me this weekend. Dennis Lehane’s “Live by Night.” He’s a good writer, yo. And even though I’ve not forgiven him for apparently retiring the Angie and Patrick series, I’m glad I let the bookstore owner talk me into this one.
  • I’m grateful for finding my debit card right away on Saturday. And for the bookstore owner being so helpful.
  • I’m grateful for the unbelievably delicious fat and juicy snap peas at the farmers market.
  • I’m grateful for time on the mat this weekend. Yoga on Saturday, Pilates on Sunday.
  • I’m grateful for time with my sister this weekend. She had the great idea to go to the movies and escape the heat Saturday afternoon. And we played mah jongg yesterday.
  • I’m grateful for the willingness to try this new healing modality. Although it’s feeling quite challenging so far. Sigh. Like I said…willingness.
  • And I’m crazy grateful for the new state of my office. I paid my nephew $40 (a great investment!) and the cords that were snaking all over everywhere are tamed. No more speaker wires diagonally down the walls. No more laptop cord diagonally across the floor. Even under the desk and tables everything is so much tidier! This brings me so much peace; such an improvement!

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  1. Yes, trading time-for-money is so old paradigm! In the New Paradigm we leverage our skills, passions and experience while adding value to the world! It is a magnificent way to live and so many people are doing it already! Now it’s YOUR turn!

    • Meg, thank you for taking the time to comment today. You state it so beautifully. It’s my turn, your turn, the planet’s turn to heal our oh-so-broken economy and do what we’re meant to do and be of service.

      May your day, and week, be blessed!

  2. I love the solid-feeling of “flat fee” pricing – not only from the perspective of offering services, but receiving them too. Many years ago, working as a VA, I wish I’d been wiser to flat-fees 🙂

    Thanks so much for a very interesting article, great food for thought (and love your final gratitude statement!)

    • Callie, I wish wish wish I could find a VA who does flat-fee pricing. I thrive under this approach, and don’t like it when I’m paying by the hour.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Love and magic,

  3. Thank you so much for correlating what my purpose is with what I’m charging. It takes practice to break the patterns of per-hour pricing that have been ingrained in me. I like the feeling that this path honors everyone in the business relationship. Clear communication up front. Such a relief. 

    • Hey Tess, Beautifully put, honoring everyone in the relationship. That’s the key right there!

      Love and blessings,

  4. I’ve just read an e-book on this very topic. You put it so clearly and succinctly. It makes much more sense, not to mention creates much less resentment – as you become more efficient at what you do, this way you don’t end up getting paid LESS!

    • Leanne, thanks for commenting. Yes, that by-the-hour math can really work against you, can’t it? As you get better and better at what you do, as you work more and more with each client and get to know them, you get faster and clearer with what you deliver, projects end up taking less of your time, right? Bad math = less revenue as you get better and more effective. Better math = charging a flat fee and doing the project, delivering the results, in the right and perfect timing, in this safe place for you and for your precious clients!

      Love and gratitude,

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