It’s been quiet around here (at least on the surface).

No blog posts for a while, not much on social media. And yet, now that I stop and look around, much has been created around here, which I’m excited to tell you about. I’ve been taking stock. You too?

Plus, it’s good now and then to name and claim what I’ve created.

Taking stock at harvest time.

We’re sliding into harvest season in this hemisphere, with the calendar providing a series of invitations to take stock of what you’re reaping and continuing as the light recedes. Two coming up: The Equinox and the High Holidays both offer harvest and stock-taking mythology and lore.

In moments of taking stock, do you see how you may have over-thought a thing or two?

I love this expression. Taking stock. Counting what’s on the shelves, in the barn, on hand, put by. And for looking inside. What’s in the way of ease and joy?

Have you noticed this too: When you take stock do you find that the good stuff looks different now than it did when you conceived the thing in the first place? I for one am thrilled to see this, because of the corollary: The painful outcomes I imagine at the drop of a thought rarely pan out as badly as my imagination likes to predict, for which phew  — more incentive to be in and appreciate the moment.

It’s not your job to know where you’re gonna end up — to know if you’ll succeed before you start. You don’t have to know anything about what’s gonna happen in order to get started; you just have to start. 

When you’re doing stuff that feel inspired and fun, I bet you have an entirely different experience than when you take something on from fear or obligation.  More about that in a sec. 

For now (ta da!): Here’s what filled much of my summer days and what I’m excited to share with you:

I got a summer flu (on the Solstice, while away on a spiritual retreat, so much fun), and it took me down pretty hard. The kind of sick where most of my energy went to survival (little things like breathing and swallowing). I got curious afterwards, and I did a deep dive with some labs — if there was something systemic going on, I wanted to know. Turns out there isn’t a big-deal diagnosis, yet I’m pretty run-down; I’m making a few adjustments to help with that. Which leads me to:

I’m working with a coach 1:1 for the first time in a while. I was inspired to go deeper with her after a few interactions, including a class of hers I took. My incentive was my health, and it’s the starting point for my conversations with her. Just like with my own clients, we’re looking at any/everything that arises, which is great, because so much is going on.

A bonus of my flu was a couple of weeks looking through veils of what I like to call eye-snot (I managed to give myself viral conjunctivitis, which made focusing and making sense of the pixels on my computer screen impossible. I could stream video, and when that got boring I immersed myself in my art, which I have gotten good enough at to actually be inspired to share it with the world, which leads to what I apparently accomplished with the rest of the summer so far (some cool stuff!).

I set up stores where you can buy my abstracts imprinted on all kinds of cool stuff. Phone cases, cushions, apparel, and more. You can find those on Society6 and Red Bubble. Here are just a few of the items on offer:

  • Sleeveless top on Society 6
  • Spiral Notebook on Society6
  • iPhone case on RedBubble
  • Backpack on RedBubble

I’m offering original art pieces and commissions though the new Creativity — Make Your Mark page of my website.

Check out the healing and beauty products as I continue the wild journey of getting these products into dispensaries. I make Shine Your Light beauty serum, Happy Hoo-Hah tissue transforming body butter, Magic Spot roll-on pain reliever, and MagnEZ-Yum Magic cramp oil (for those cramps that wake you in the night or make it difficult to use your body the way you want to.

Here’s what’s important.

I love telling you about my accomplishments, but what I got done isn’t what’s important. Let’s go deeper before we part today, k?

Joy and pleasure and satisfaction are present — yes, and hooray — but they’re not here because of what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve learned, or how good I am at what I do, make, or sell. When I rely on doing, making, or selling a certain amount of something in order to be happy, I’m f***ed.

How do you feel joyful and pleased if joy and pleasure aren’t tied to what you accomplish?

I’ve always been a pleasure seeker, looking for love, acceptance, comfort, safety…. At various eras of my life I thought the place to find those things was in busyness, approval, acceptance, money, drugs….

I like to feel good, and here’s what I’m finding: I feel good! when I love what I have — how I feel — what I’m doing — where I am — the state of my health and my bank account. All of it. Every moment when I’m not stewing about want more than I’ve got is an open moment, and when I’m open, not only am I flooded with more and more of a sense of being okay just as I am…. I’m also aware of how this openness changes me with others. All that impact I’ve wanted to have as a coach and a mentor? I’m having that now, without trying, and it comes from the inside.

There’s so much good stuff to unpack here, especially if you’re like me.

See, I still have my wiring, my programming. I still get stressed and worried, and am very capable of ruining a moment with my neurotic thinking. Moments when I believe that what I have, how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and all the rest of it aren’t good enough, and why aren’t they (whoever I’ve decided in the moment has the key to my sense of well being) calling me, loving me up, and giving me what I know I need? That crap.

And then I remember. All I have to do is stop, sit in the garden, take a nap, go for a walk…. And feel the light on my face and the appreciation in my heart. Again. One more time.

It’s simple. That’s why I call much of what I do Simplify Your Life.

How can I help you today? Reach out in the comments, or send me a note. Taking stock? Let’s do that together.

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