Taking time for yourself in the summertime…

Aah, a happy sigh moves through my body just thinking of this. I love how the long days and abundance of summer offer so many opportunities to slow down, to explore nature, to dig in the dirt, to eat what I’ve grown, to linger over ideas…

This s-l-o-o-o-o-w-i-n-g down—this invitation to stillness, quiet, fun and exploration—does so much for us as entrepreneurs, business owners and busy careerists. The balance we achieve by working a little less, lazing a bit more, answering the call to dial back the intensity is huge. You don’t need to take a travel-far-from-home-vacation to achieve these benefits. I’m sure you’ve experienced the disappointment, five or seven or so days after returning for a two-week trip, when you feel the luscious effects of the new vistas, new experiences, start to peel away.

When you put some intention into your summer days at home, even while you’re still working and living your daily routine, you are on the receiving end of so many blessings. Your balance gets restored. Your inner harmony batteries get recharged. You smile more. Try it!

Option 1.

Tomorrow morning, take 15–30 minutes before work to walk in the morning sunshine. Or weed in the garden. Or pick some veggies for the evening meal. Or have a cup of tea outside with a friend.

Option 2.

Take the afternoon off. Go see a really good movie (Snowflower and the Secret Fan is my current favorite). Or a really fun no-redeeming-anything movie (Harry Potter finale is my current fave here).

Option 3.

Go the beach. Early morning, or at sunset.

What do you do to sanctify summer’s abundant blessings? Let me know in the comments.

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