The dance of balance — balance is fluid, never static — New Moon 10/4

How do you maintain balance when there is just so much inside of you insisting to be expressed and made manifest?

seesawBalance is a dance, precious. Sometimes the seesaw tips more one way, and sometimes the other.

Balance is not a static state of equality, frozen in time. Those static moments of perfect balance last for just a blink, a heartbeat. Everyone craves balance in work, in life, in health, in love, and you should. But when you embrace that balance is fluid, you can sink into the true gift that balance provides. When you see that dynamic balance may mean some days or seasons call for a push in your work, and some days or seasons are the ones that invite and embrace deep rest, you’re in a sacred flow.

You know the difference, right? When you are moving along following the tug on your heart and your soul, you feel like your efforts and your pace are coming naturally, just as they should. But when you plant your feet in the stream, against the current, you have to struggle to stay upright.

The time is right to amp up your efforts

Take some time in sacred space between now and Monday, when the first sliver of Moon will be visible in the sky, and ask yourself:

What’s next? What am I supposed to create and deliver to my tribe so I can better serve them?

Once you’ve received the download (and you will!), all that’s left to do is to begin.

Let’s look at this week’s astro facts.

The New Moon in Libra (11º56’ Libra on Friday 10/4 at 5:34 pm Pacific). This New Moon invites retrospection and quiet, while at the same time kinda forcing you to get your hands, head and heart turned to the things that are demanding your attention—those visions, dreams and ideas inside you that are ready to be expressed, changed, created, manifested. This lovely Libra Moon supports you in getting started and moving forward while reminding you that completion takes time and all that’s required in this now moment is the next right action. And then the one after that.

The Libra New Moon casts a bright light on your partnerships. Make a commitment to treat your partners—in love, in life, in work—as cherished and respected teammates, not as adversaries. This requires transparency, authenticity and truth in your communications with these people who grace your life and your business.

The wheel has turned, this is the second half of the astrological year. Last month, the Sun in Virgo offered you a moment to review and assess what you’ve accomplished with what you’ve sown, grown and harvested so far. Whether you’ve pruned some areas of your life and work back too far, or totally forgotten to water and nurture in some places, or faithfully and lovingly tended your garden, the Sun in Libra now pushes you to take what has come to fruition and do what you have to do to share it with the world. Your world. Your peeps. Your tribe. Those you are here to serve, yo.

Scorpio is making her presence known. Venus, Saturn, Mercury are traveling Scorpio’s waters—with more Scorpio to come in the next weeks. You may be feeling those feelings and hurts that live in your depths. This is the season in which you can begin to build new emotional structures that honor the deepest parts of your own Sacred Feminine. When you embrace your own darkness and integrate it, you become even more whole.

Set powerful intentions this New Moon, because Mars is going to enter Scorpio in early December and be there for about seven months. Mars, the guy who pokes you into action and keeps you going is here to propel you and help you set a productive pace. Whatever it is that you are meant to create, manifest, bring to light and launch by next summer, set your powerful intentions now. The Mars influence may not always feel easy (there will be a retrograde in there), and you may find yourself compelled to stop and try this alternative, or that, but there will be lots of support in there for your work. You’re being invited to focus your energies. Accept the invitation!

Speaking of retrogrades, there goes Mercury again, in Scorpio on Sunday the 21st. And there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Aries at the Full Moon in two weeks. These add to the sense of potential and power of this New Moon. How you show up for the New Moon is going to set the tone for the upcoming twists and turns. I can’t wait, Scorpio woman that I am.

How does this New Moon energy manifest for you? Please share what you’re thinking in the comments.


  • I am grateful for my amazing two-day writing retreat with my partner Stacey. We created outlines for our six teleclasses. Wow. I’ve never done anything like this before and it was amazing!
  • I am grateful for my body cooperating with me and enduring wildly uncomfortable chairs, meals in restaurants, and more non-routine stuff—like working in intense collaboration face-to-face. Very unusual and now I want more!
  • I am grateful for my client’s love and support as I moved everyone’s calls around to accommodate the retreat.
  • I am grateful for my Mastermind and the way they hold space for my highest good every day.
  • I am grateful for my daughter. She didn’t flinch when I called her and asked her to go out and  find a seesaw, stand on it a certain way, and have someone snap her photo for me to use in this article. Unfortunately, seesaws seem to be out of fashion these days (insurance risks?) and I settled on this amazing image I found here courtesy of the Library of Congress.

What are you grateful for today, love? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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  1. great read! today I am grateful that it is school holidays and I get to spend quality time with my two youngest kids. Also grateful that the sun is shining.

  2. I am grateful for a little blue sky between the rain clouds, a happy, healthy family, and the thought of being able to spend the day writing and walking, with a bit of bread baking thrown in for good measure (and because there are only crumbs left in the bread bin!).

    • Kirsten, writing, walking and baking. Yum. May the New Moon’s darkness softly veil you in her blessing.


  3. I am grateful to have met your merry spirit – the laughter and wisdom you share. When we first met you said you tended to spread and take up a lot of space (I was looking for a seat at the table). Your space is a good place – keep spreading it. 

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