The holidays approach. Set your juicy intentions now.

It’s early December, and the full-court press is upon us. Holidays.

For all of us, a socially intensive time of year, whether overfull with gatherings and family obligations or overfull with solitude. A tougher time than most to be single. I find that it’s tougher to be a single woman in December than at any other time (except maybe mid-February!).

Then there’s the pressure to spend money, to overspend, or worse, to go into debt buying gifts. I don’t know about you, but 90% of the paper mail in my mailbox the last three weeks has been catalogs, urging me to buy buy buy. (Here’s a tip: they go right into the recycling basket.) Have you thought about making gifts? Or regifting something that was once given to you that you are now ready to release? Or making a small donation in someone’s honor? Three simple ways to step off the consumer mainstream.

Oh, and the pressure of food. Every workplace reception area is decorated with shiny-wrapped candies, or cookies, or both. Hard to avoid, isn’t it? Some techniques that work: Eat a reasonable meal before going to a holiday party. Remind yourself daily (especially when you’re in the vicinity of the shiny sweet stuff) of your commitments around eating.

I know, sometimes it gets hard to feel grounded and balanced and like we’re living into our highest good at this time of year. I get it. I feel ya.

You might find yourself tempted to let some of your commitments and practices slide as the month goes by. Adequate rest, eating well, workouts, walks and other wellness regimens all can suffer when we get disbalanced.

There are all kinds of good things you can do to keep yourself on track during the rest of this month, things that will set you up to start 2012 off in the most inspired, productive and juicy way.

Here are a few ideas:

Do a Year-End Review.

  • What worked? What’s still incomplete?
  • What are my goals for this coming year?
  • What no longer serves me? What is ready to be released?

Or, talk to someone, get some support. Turn a friend into a buddy. Team up and support each other around eating well. Do walks and workouts together. Hold space for each others’ moderation during what can look and feel  like pretty immoderate times.

Or, give yourself (and everyone else you love) the gift of a free session with me. It’s easy. You simply fill out this form and your recipient will receive a lovely Magnolias West gift certificate (pictured). The instructions for scheduling their session will be right on the certificate. And it’s free! If you recognize yourself (or anyone else you love) in the following statements, please give this gift.

Here are the key questions to ask yourself as you discern the value of a juicy-fication call with me:

  • I feel a strong call to make a change; how do I figure out what I’m meant to do?  
  • My life used to be more  juicy*; how can I get that back?
  • How can I align my brand and my website with my values?
  • I see vibrant women all around me being daring and audacious; I want that!

Do something wonderful for yourself and the other wonderful women in your life this holiday season. More details here.

Do you have other good ways to stay grounded and on track during the holidays? Please share in the Comments.

*Wondering what juicy means? Check it out:
Juicy, adj. 1. full of juice, succulent   2. very profitable, appealing, interesting, satisfying, or substantive   3. very interesting or colorful, even slightly scandalous

Have blessed and wonderful holidays. Appreciate your loved ones. Welcome the return of the light as the wheel turns on the solstice. Take exquisite care of yourself.

Blessings to all!


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