The journey

Yup, that journey. The one you’re actually taking.

How much time are you spending present, enjoying your journey as it is?

Asked another way: How are you spending your time? How are you living your wild and precious life?

The time you spend resenting and complaining about your life as it is eats into the time you could put to so much better use! Honestly. You’ll get more stuff done when you’re less busy bitching and worrying.

You could even — gasp! — have more fun as you go.

What makes you feel safe, confident, and on top of things as you plan your journey, like you know where you’re headed and how long it’ll take you to get there? What happens to your sense of well-being when your path takes a sudden, unexpected turn? Do you meet the road differently when you’re suddenly heading somewhere you never planned to go?

the joy of the journey

What’s keeping you from enjoying the journey you’re actually on?

When you’re busy resenting what’s going on and worrying, you diminish both the quality and the quantity of the time you spend doing what you really love and going where you really want to go. The time you spend managing all your feelings and stressors slows your performance, takes a whack at your impact, and does quite a number on your ability to feel positive.

When you’re complaining and worrying about what is, your experience of the moment you’re in feels scary, tense, and constricted.

Something entirely different is available.

You can feel safe, relaxed, connected, expanded — really, truly okay — even when your plans have fallen apart.

Even when you have to deal with big unexpected scary stuff.

Even if. No matter. what.

Here’s how I know this. I spent a ton of time regretting getting sick and complaining about how the healing process was keeping me away from my work in the world. This seriously ate into my productive time. For years.

I’ve found an instant antidote to feeling put-upon and stressed about changes and obstacles. This works for me almost all the time, and has for a couple of years now. I go outside, and take a walk, preferably in the sunshine, but I’m out there nearly every day despite the weather.

Find your way in.

Whatever gets you there — allows you to settle down a bit — whatever occurs to you now, do that. Inhabit the moment. This moment. Feel your feet on the ground. Pay attention to this breath, and the next. Bask in the light. And let go. Be in this moment. Trust that you’re where you’re supposed to be. (Otherwise you’d be somewhere else, yeah?)

feel guided and safe on the journey

Worrying about how fast you’re getting things done doesn’t help you actually get things done.

Tapping your watch and fretting is one way to spend your time.

Or you can try something new.

Again, look to the light. Take a walk. Look out the window. Close your eyes.

In this moment: feel the warmth of the light that’s always present behind those black clouds.

Whatever will get you back to you, take a moment to do that.

  • Look at something beautiful.
  • Take a photo.
  • Make some art.
  • Have a nap. Or an orgasm.
  • Call a friend.

Remember the good juicy moments. Collect the sweet ones. The feeling of being held, led, and safe no matter what is always available, and once it starts to feel familiar, like home, you probably won’t be as tempted to hang out in self-imposed misery for as long or as often. Sweet!

You’ll revert to type. We all do. We’re humans. Keep remembering…

  • …how it feels to let go of how you think things have to unfold, where you’re headed and how fast.
  • …what it feels guided to the place that you obviously are meant to be because that’s the place you are.

It’s simple. Simplify Your Life.

I’m setting up the first of this spring’s Simplify Your Life Simplici-Tea online conversations with amazing friends of mine, women (so far!) who bring their own beautiful and powerful simplicity to the world.

The first two are scheduled; please save the dates:

Simplici-Tea with Molly Gordon

Simplify Your Thinking

Thursday, April 18th, 1 pm Pacific
90 minutes on Zoom
No charge

Simplici-Tea with Karen DiMarco

Simplify Your Health

Friday, April 26th, 9:30 am Pacific
90 minutes on Zoom
No charge

Stay tuned. Follow the Simplify Your Life story as it unfolds and as calls get scheduled. Apparently new content comes through me visually first; have a look I’m putting everything up here and here. I’ve included a few samples of the SYL themes.

Simplify Your Life. Pace yourself.
Simplify Your Life. Return to center.
Simplify Your Life. Trust your inner guidance.
Simplify your life. We live in a distractible time.
Simplify Your Life. Step into "right relationship" with your stuff.

More Simplify Your Life dates coming soon. I’ll be setting up the events and links next week. Stay tuned. Best way to make sure you don’t miss the good stuff is to subscribe to the love letter, or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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