The Magnolias West Brand Refresher Review

Wondering how to really know if your website
has passed its revamp-by date?

How to really know?

I work with heart-centered women in business, who work so hard on their brand, and their offers, and their web presence… and I know what a sore subject this can be. You worked so hard on your website the first time (and every time you’ve revised it), and it feels like it was just yesterday that you launched your baby on the world.

But time flies by, especially in the online world. Think about it. Facebook changes its interface and functionality every other day (kidding, but sometimes that’s just what it feels like). New websites that strive to engage your attention appear with mind-boggling regularity. Seriously. You had never heard of Pinterest a year ago, right? And now? How much time have you spent pinning and repinning content this week?

I’ve created a tipsheet for you—Seven ways to know when it’s time to update your website—which you can find right here on my blog, or you can download a handy pdf version here. The tips and the questions posed in each one can help you strategize next steps for your website, focusing on search results, browser compatibility, ease of updates and more.

If you’ve read through the tips and are still wondering what to do first and in what order, you may have thoughts and questions like:

  • How do I get my website to be browser-compatible in a cost-effective way?
  • I want to improve my search results on my own, as part of my regular content updates, but don’t know how.
  • I see that I have some broken links and missing images; what’s involved in fixing this?

You know that you need to make some changes but are not sure how to prioritize. That’s why I have put together an offer that is designed to help with this very thing.

Get some help assessing your website, and prioritizing your action plan

The Magnolias West Brand Refresher Review can help you evaluate your website’s specific needs and decide what to do and in what order. In the Brand Refresher Review, your answers to a series of simple questions will provide a framework for us to use as we heartstorm through all aspects of your offering.

What is covered?

The Magnolias West Brand Refresher Review begins where the Seven Tips leave off, and goes deeper. Together we will…

  • …review the state of your branding and messaging. Is it current? Where is it out of alignment with your current offerings?
  • …discuss and discover what’s needed to restore that alignment? Does your navigation have to change? New content calling to be written?

Based on our findings, you will receive an in-depth report that proposes cost-effective solutions to refresh your website branding. Of course, every report is unique, but your report will include things like:

  • The exact steps to take to implement an interface for your website that makes it easy to update content on the fly.
  • How to fix any brand inconsistencies, broken links, and missing images that we find.
  • The best way to repair or replace elements that are out-of-date, or slowing your site down (frames and Flash, for example)
  • The best way to integrate your social media into your website. You’ll know exactly what is needed to ensure consistent branding across your site, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and more.
  • The top five SEO (search-engine optimization) actions you should take, and in what order.

The beauty of the Magnolias West Brand Refresher Review is that all of these tools are not given to you in a formula. Instead, the work we do together and the recommendations you will receive are completely specific to and customized for your specific needs. By the time we have completed this work, you will have all the information you need so that you can schedule the next right steps in the right and perfect order, as needed, instead of shooting in the dark.

How does it work?

A one-hour kickoff meeting by phone or Skype. 

This initial meeting allows us to revisit the heart and soul of your business and compare that to the current state of your website, allowing us to paint in broad strokes what’s missing, what’s out of alignment and what’s needed.

A customized report with recommendations will be crafted for you. 

I will ask questions as they arise, and once I have all the clarity I need, I will deliver to you, within two weeks of our initial meeting, a thorough report with solid recommendations. We will meet by phone or Skype to review the report.

Your investment. 

The Brand Refresher Review full price is $895. I’m delighted to offer this in the Pay What You Can open contribution model for now, until the Solstice on June 21st. Yay for the exchange of energy that honors us both. It’s Springtime (in this hemisphere, anyway), a perfect time to refresh your brand’s presence on the web!

All you need to do is email me or call 510 698-6245 to schedule your Brand Refresher Review.


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