The Power of Spiritual Community

[this is a guest post by Lana Phillips]

Thanks so much, Sue, for letting me share with your beautiful community.
Blessings to you all. Lana

I was reading Patti Digh’s Creative Is a Verb today, and she reminded me of two things. One is the fact that often we teach what we most need to learn ourselves. The other is the power of a spiritual community. I am sharing with you about the power of spiritual community because I need to remember that we cannot walk through this world alone. We need others to walk with us and help us cut through the fog that sometimes surrounds us when we try to figure out who we are, what we want to do with our lives, and how we are going to get there.

Spirituality has become a bad word in today’s world.  I believe that the reason for this is that people confuse spirituality with organized religion. But how about “organized spirituality”? It looks like the next big thing for spiritual seekers, especially online, is developing a spiritual community. Some are based on the main faiths, and others are based on other “right fit” (thanks to Rachelle Mee-Chapman for this term) faiths and practices. The power of spirituality harnessed within the “organization” of community is dynamite.

The Religious Society of Friends (or the Quakers), as many people know them, have a discernment process called a clearness committee. A member of a meeting requests help gaining clarity in response to a concern of a dilemma. They believe that every member has the light of God (or an inner light) within; therefore, the goal is helping the person seeking clearness to find the answer within themselves, not through outside advice and guidance. Committee members are only allowed to ask open, honest questions, not to offer advice or psychoanalysis. This is the kind of spiritual community that is not exclusive to one kind of belief. There’s no preaching, no exclusion of people who believe or practice differently. There’s nothing but love, acceptance, and spiritual harmony. The energy is reciprocal and healing.

If you believe that we all have a divine inner light, whether you call it God, Goddess, Higher Power, Spirit, or some other name, please believe me that we are not meant to walk this earth alone. Your community may not look like a clearness committee. Maybe you worship within your group. Maybe you meditate. But please don’t do it alone.

Lana facilitates The Sad Café Community for wounded healers who need a place to do their own healing. She offers coaching and community programs for those who feel alone in their work and who have experienced difficulty in navigating broken systems and helping broken hearts. She enjoys adapted dancing and nature, along with reading everything except the cereal box (and usually that as well!). Contact her at, FacebookThe Sad Cafe Community Facebook page, or Twitter. She’d love to get to know you all.

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