There’s benign, and then there’s benign — Mercury turns direct, Monday’s Full Moon in Aquarius

Well, it’s nearly over now. Phew!! Mercury turns direct in just a few hours

When I was reading about the June–July Mercury retrograde in Cancer a few weeks ago, most of what I was reading told me that this was going to be an unusually benign retrograde. I swear, I was convinced that Cancer’s emotional water bath was going to create the space (and here I am quoting myself) “…to deal with the usual trickster changes and challenges with more grace and ease than usual.”

wrongwayHa! Benign my ass!

It felt like a giant clusterfuck (yes I’m cursing, this last few weeks deserves no less, yo). So many things took twice as long as usual. So many things I said fell flat and required humble apologies.

And it wasn’t just me, was it? I went back and checked, and found other astrologers reporting that things didn’t quite turn out as peacefully as it had looked like they might.

So, if this last few weeks was challenging for you, you weren’t alone. Things will start easing up, starting today.

Not quite out of the weeds yet, though

Be easy with yourself for another little while. Mercury is still in shadow, returning to the point where the retrograde began. Between now and August 3rd, take extra special care of your feelings, take the time to think before you speak (you’ll thank me for this one; honestly, this is still not a great time for saying whatever occurs to you in any given moment). Not that you ever want to be thoughtless. Just sayin’, some days could use with a little extra attention. After 8/3, you’ll  be able to be more effective in completing projects that might have gotten bogged down.

How did this last Mercury retrograde land for you? Ouchy? Easy? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Full Moon in Aquarius

0º06′ Aquarius
11:15 am Pacific
Monday 7/22

Some traditional names for July’s Full Moon are:

  • Summer Moon
  • Hungry Ghost Moon
  • Moon of Claiming
  • Mead Moon
  • Buffalo Moon
  • Hay Moon
  • Buck Moon
  • Ripe Corn Moon
  • Crane Moon
  • Thunder Moon

Monday’s Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs just a few hours after the Sun enters Leo on July 22. There will be two full moons in Aquarius in July and August. The second Full Moon in Aquarius is a Blue Moon, when there are two Full Moons in the same astrological sign.

The Aquarius energy represents friends, community, humanity, higher awareness and radical change.

This is a powerful time for transformation. Keep your attitude of gratitude in your heart, stay present, appreciate the gifts of this now moment and the next. All of this will help ground you and help you be open to opportunity to transform yourself, your tribe, your world.

High Summer (in my part of the world) is Leo’s time. Look at me! Look at this! What a great time to confidently express yourself, to unleash your creativity, to generously offer yourself and your sacred work to your tribe.

We’re coming into the peak of this summer’s Grand Water Trine. 

Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will all be perfectly, harmoniously aligned over the next few days, forming a rare Grand Trine in the Water element.

This Grand Trine is a special moment. It is a perfect antidote to some of the stress that has been in the air for a while now. Allow it in. Bathe in the gentle and loving energies. Stand in the flow of love, that stream that never ends, that’s always there. As Rumi says, “Love is a River; drink from it.” This Grand Trine is also a happy event for artists and creatrixes of all kinds, it provides a beautiful unity of  vision and possibility: Jupiter’s tangible beneficence; Neptune’s inspiration; and Saturn’s grounded reality.

One more thing: For the next week or so, Mars will be joining in on this Grand Trine, making this a great time to start your next project, to keep moving forward on developing what’s next for your business. Disciplined action now can produce powerful and sustainable results. Get back to what you’re working on, what you’re being called to do, and move it forward now. This is an excellent time to make plans, to take action. After the last few weeks of Mercury retrograde holding us back, it’s so nice to feel centered, capable, strong, and confident. Rock it, sister!

What are you working on that you can move forward now for your business? I love to hear from you. Jump down to the comments and talk to me! 🙂

Gratitude, from my heart to yours

  • I am grateful for a powerful week of social networking, making new connections.
  • I am grateful for my daughter and her presence in my life.
  • I am grateful for getting back to 12-step meetings. No I didn’t get loaded, still clean and sober, but found myself drifting away. Good to be back.
  • I am grateful for a fabulous massage yesterday. I think it had been double-digit months since I last gifted myself with a massage. Sad.
  • I am grateful for meeting someone at a networking event who told me she had just been looking at my website and that she loves everything that I do. I have no idea how she found me, and I am humbly thrilled that she shared that with me.
  • I am grateful for tonight’s Full Moon ritual. 

What are you grateful for, gorgeous? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. Hi Sue I have been in a daze these past 2 weeks. I took my strong and usually healthy husband to emergency in the middle of the night July 3 for a pain on his right side. We thought gall bladder issues. Turned out our life was turned upside down when he discovered cancer on his pancreas and liver. 

    My mission too is to ease into this with grace. I am praying that I will be guided to face this new unexpected challenge.  Still feel numb. 

  2. Oh, my, Sue! I had no idea that Mercury was retrograde until I read this, but can certainly look back at the past few weeks and SEE it. What a rollercoaster ride! It explains SO MUCH.

    Will continue on for the next couple of weeks with the intention to “be gentle with myself and others”. Sounds as though it can only help, right? 😛

  3. I feel like a weight is being lifted with Mercury getting its butt back in forward motion. Talk about crazy! And I totally identify with the thinking before I speak. I was just saying that to myself last night, how I need to cool my mouth and not let emotions override. So glad this retrograde is almost over!

    • Cassandra, Wishing you a beautiful Full Moon start to your week. And I think we—you, me, all of us—can benefit from exactly what you said — “cool my mouth and not let emotions override” during Mercury retrogrades and, oh I don’t know, every other day as well! I am grateful for this reminder.

      Love and light,

  4. I’m a Cancerian and this last bloomin’ Mercury Retrograde has — in your wise words, Sue! — been a truly gigantic “clusterfuck”!!!!

    I can now, at least, feel the light beginning to shine through the chinks … personally and professionally, I’m getting ready to shake my tail feathers but I think this week is still going to be a pretty sloooooooooow one, where I shall tread cautiously, try to keep my ideas to myself (hehe!) and act with as much as grace as I can muster … roll on 2nd August *wiggle wiggle*

    • Callie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Picturing you slowly shaking your tailfeathers. Great image!

      Love and blessings,

  5. You described the Mercury retrograde effect on me and my life perfectly, Sue.  Things coming out of the blue and knocking me for 6, just when I thought I had everything down pat 😉  I’m working very slowly on manifesting my new website which I have scheduled for launch on August 5th and being very gentle with myself as well in the process.  So far, so good, but I am *so* relieved to be over the worst of this Mercury retrograde period.  Thank you for the explanation.

    Visma, even though I don’t know you, with your permission I will send both yourself and your husband as much loving energy to hold space for you as I can.

    Shân xx

    • Shân, It’s so powerful to see you and others in my tribe come together to hold space for each other. Thank you.

      And I’m feeling some relief from the Merc Rx as now that it’s moving direct again. Thank goodness.

      Love and blessings,

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