Trust your inner guidance

I’m talking about that knowing.

Inner guidance can be quiet, like a still small voice.

Or it can feel like a light hand on your back.

You’ve had those moments.

Present. Grounded. Open. Taking the next right action without a lot of noise in your head before, during, and after.

Patient. Guided.

What keeps you from feeling guided all the time? Why does life feel so hard sometimes?

Trust your inner guidance — Simplify Your Life

Moments when you’re guided are very different than their opposites.

It feels entirely different to be in flow with the stream than it does when you’re trying to change the direction of the water.

When your actions are based on what you think and believe you want and need…

When you think you have to be in control…

When you think you are in control…

You’re effectively trying to outrun your own headlights because you don’t trust your inner GPS to know where to take you next.

I’ve heard Michael Neill tell it this way:

You’re driving to a new destination in the dark, guided by your car’s navigation system. Even though you can’t see beyond what your headlights show you, you keep moving forward, trusting the guidance you’re getting, one headlight-length at a time.

You don’t have to see more than you see now, or know more than you know, in order to trust your inner guidance and follow your spark.

Your spark is always on, even when you’re not. Just like the sun is always there — always there! — no matter how dark and cloudy the sky may be above your head.

And when all you can see is dark and cloudy, annoying, scary, and discouraging?

Don’t worry. Your spark and inner guidance are humming along.

Sometimes you’ll unwind yourself back to clarity with ease. Sometimes it may take a bit of labor, patience, and time.

Sometimes you’re just not feeling inner guidance. At all. Sometimes you take a nap.

And then you hear the whisper, or feel that light hand on your back again.

Back in the moments that feel easy. Guided. Sparked. #simplifyyourlife #simplifyourthinking #innerguidance #spark

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