Turn and return. The wheel is turning and you can too.

The wheel is turning. The Equinox is almost here.

The balance point.

The New Year. Rosh Hashana.
The time where you can turn and return to yourself.
To the best of yourself.

Turn and return.

First turn in. Turn inside. Get quiet. Join in sacred ceremony, service, ritual. Or create one of your own. Or go on one with me.

It’s the first harvest. You reap everything. You reap the good. You reap the painful. You reap the celebrations. You reap the regret.

Turn inside so that when you turn outward again you do so lighter, less weighed down, freer.

turn and return

Turn and return.

Do the work so that you can turn back out. Re-turn.

Take the time to own it all. Release the pain and the sadness. Embrace the sweet. Enjoy your harvest.

Here are a couple of older posts about this season. I think you might enjoy this one and this one.

I’m preparing for my own turn and return, my own days of awe, my own harvest.

Here’s a recent video: What’s stopping you? Timely topic at this turn of the wheel, because, bubbeleh (I’m feeling extra Jewish today!), the only thing stopping you is your thinking. Check it out:

And another one because I love you! And because Bruce and Mick, wow!

How are you marking this turn of the wheel? The Equinox? The harvest? The New Year?

How will you turn and return to yourself?

  • What changes do you make?
  • What do you start?
  • What do you release?

I want to know; let’s talk in the comments!

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  1. I love the idea of turn and return, Sue. Coming a full circle having released any clutter that no longer serves a purpose so we can create a better harvest. I’m thinking of the Tarot Card Wheel and yes, it’s time to start with a new clean page.

    • Vatsala, Thanks. The wheel turns and turns. In each day. In each hour. In each moment, and with the seasons. Starting anew is always available, and isn’t that wonderful!

  2. Whether you follow the Fall Equinox on the calendar or not, here in the SouthWest you can tell immediately. Our high summer temperatures start to drop and the cool nights bring the blankets out. I also find it’s a time to reflect on how much has been accomplished this year so far and what still needs to be done. May your harvest be very fruitful Sue.

    • Hey Joyce, May your harvest, and the turn of the seasons, be fruitful, and joyful, and peaceful for you as well.

  3. Upside down for me — spring here — and it has been time to be still, and reflect, release and get in the flow for the new that is coming. Feeling real shifts onto a new way of being. xxx

    • I know it’s Spring for you Suzie. I have you in mind when I write about the turns of the wheel. Thanks for keeping me aware of the hemisphere you live in!

  4. Love the new energy, Sue. The letting go. The allowing yourself to be free. That’s very much what I am returning to as well – letting go strain and stress and welcoming back the essential me.

  5. I know this comment is super late but I’m catching it along side the solstice post for December ’19 and wowzers did this video (and all these hotties!!) set my day off to a damn fine start <3 Definitely. And I'm grateful to be back <3

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