Nurture your unique vision — no matter what

Cherish your unique vision, hold tight to it. Don’t let it go.

The wheel of the year has turned again.

Here in the northern hemisphere — specifically here in the north bay (my home for four months now), the days are getting shorter, the sun is inching down in the sky, the quality of the light is changing. I can feel that shift in the energy. You too?
Unique vision

Marking the turn of the wheel

In my pagan tradition, the beginning of this week is the first harvest (Lammas), a time to celebrate what you’re reaping, and acknowledge with gratitude the efforts you’ve put in this year, feeding and nurturing your unique vision.

This moment on the wheel of the year is also the ramp-up to the Jewish High Holy Days, which begin on the upcoming Equinox (at least this year they do; the Jewish calendar is solar-lunar with a 13th month thrown in to keep festivals connected to their seasons; you try to figure it out!). This week marked Tisha B’av, a day of remembrance, grief, and mourning. I went to a meditation service that night and heard some compelling words.

The service leader quoted a bible passage that was something like (I’m paraphrasing, using the words that resonated with me): Return, prisoners of hope, and you will be repaid double.

Prisoners of hope.

You know those moments when you feel that hope is distant, unattainable, right?

It’s a poignant and difficult place to be. When circumstances feel too big to handle or solve (translated: when you forget to remember that circumstances are just circumstances, that everybody’s got some, and that this will pass — one way or another — so why not enjoy the moment?). You get discouraged to the point that you may not be able to think about or act in service to your unique vision and purpose in the world with any enthusiasm. Or even worse, you may forget how good it feels to be connected to and in service to that unique vision.

Those words, “Return, prisoners of hope,” landed like an invitation.

No. Invitation is not a big enough word. More like a reminder:

Hold on to your unique vision, even when hope feels out of reach. Like it​‌’s your job. Like it’s critically important. No matter what your circumstances.

Let’s dig in to the circumstances idea for a minute:

Part of being human is that you will have circumstances. Good ones, worrisome ones, all kinds. The thing is we all have circumstances. You know that idea of dealing with what’s on your plate? Well, we all get a plate!

A wise person once said (at a 12-step meeting): “I promise you that if each of you in this room put your problems (your plate, your circumstances) into the middle of this table, and you were told you could pick up any plate you like on your way out the door, you’d pick your own.” Think about it.

Your circumstances are a gift.

Gratitude helps here. When you can connect to gratitude to anything that’s yours to deal with, things begin to ease, to get better. Whether financial, or physical, or in relationships, or…? Every single one of your circumstances is an invitation to let go, lighten up, shake off the weight of your thinking, and enjoy what is.

Some outcomes might suck, this is true. But as my friend Molly says often (and I’m paraphrasing once again!), “Is it really worth having being miserable now because something might go badly tomorrow, or next week?”

What do you think? I love hearing from you.

Leave a comment. Let’s talk!

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  1. Holding on to our unique vision when the present throws up obstacles can be challenging at times, Sue, and yet, if we believe we achieve. Sometimes even better results than we had planned! Starting the day with gratitude for all that is good in our life and ending the day for all that went well is a good fuel to make sure we stay on track with our goals. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love it Sue and how easy it is as you know from reading my post this week to love your unique vision: ) I love this — “Your circumstances are a gift. Every single one of them is an invitation to let go, lighten up, shake off the weight of your thinking, and have a good day.” hugs xxx

    • Thanks, Suzie! Today I’m enjoying the gift of a heel that just won’t heal! Thanks for the reminder. It’s a gift. An opportunity to be present (get it?).

    • Thanks, Reba. I’m finding, as I get further along, that even when I’m grumpier than grateful I still can connect to the gifts (the key to this being the ability/willingness not to take myself, my thoughts, and my fears so fucking seriously.

  3. Yesterday, I awoke to find my plate overflowing. It turned out to be a day of unexpected sorrow. It was not the day I planned the day I got to live. by filling it with love and gratitude.

    • Oh Joyce, I am sorry to hear about your sorrow. Holding space for your ease as you move through. “It was not the day I planned but the day I got to live.” If I did cross-stitch, sister, I’d start with that sentence,

  4. Perfect timing for me, m’dear. I’m working on an amazing multi-author project right now and have spent most of this week restoring crashed sites. (And there was no real reason for any of them to platz.) But it’s a freakin’ awesome project so, when I get back from a little hang out time with my girls, I put my Wonder Woman duds back on and go back to being tech support. My favorite. (Where’s the sarcasm font when I need it????) <3

    • You cracked me up, Andrea, thank you! I have a few extra copies of that sarcasm font, in case you really need it. xoxox

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