Upleveling is happening. Gulp.

Upleveling is happening. I’m transforming everything.

My body. My health. My business. My life.

It’s time, it’s past time, but upleveling is happening, despite the fact that I often move like a glacier.

Upleveling is happening. Gulp.

In the last few months upleveling has begun to happen for me in many ways.

  • Environment: I moved house and office (I work at home) in August, and everything about my working environment has changed and continues to change. I’m in month two of standing at my desk much more than I sit.
  • Health: The dance I do of taking better and better care of myself and my ongoing health projects invites me to do my upleveling best every single day.
  • My business: I finally pulled my head out of the denial sandpile and admitted to myself that what I was planning and doing for my spiritual, heart-centered business isn’t working. Hasn’t been working for too long.

My commitment now is to embrace upleveling and transform everything for the better.

A bit more about the business part.

There are some things that are working really really well. List growth, social media follows and connections, deep and deeper interactions with the people I’m meant to work with. But revenue is in a shambles, and it’s time to transform everything to a new way of being.

Just in case you’ve been going through anything like this, here are some of the things I noticed, and places where upleveling is needed.

  • The woman who was my ideal client when I rebranded three years ago is no longer the woman I’m meant to serve.
  • It’s time for me to speak more clearly about what makes me unique — my combination of sage wisdom and experience and mad branding, design, and coaching skills. Three years ago, my marketing stood out more than it does now. Now there are hundreds (thousands?) of people offering much of what I offer. I’m lost in a huge crowd.
  • What I’m planning to do is going to be challenging and rigorous. Raising the bar on my self-care will help me have the strength to meet the challenges.

Now, about that Gulp in the title and the image.

I read these words on Eleanor Beaton’s blog today:

You’re not just born once. Throughout your life you are continuously re-born. And each time you uplevel, you move through a dark and mysterious path to reach a new level of you. Darkness, confusion, uncertainty: this is the starting point for major growth and transformation.

I’m feeling confused.

What do I do first? What do I do second? What changes to make?

I’m feeling uncertain.

Am I too old? Too health-challenged? Is it too late?

And yes, the path does look a bit dark from today’s vantage point.

Murky, more like. I’m crystal clear on this: It’s time for me to manifest the changes and awarenesses that have taken root inside me about my work and how and whom I’m meant to serve.

I’m completely in the dark about how this manifestation will happen.

But I’m strapping in anyway.

My new Mastermind group begins this week, and this is what I keep hearing in my head:

Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

(Thank you, thank you, David Bowie.)

I’m sharing this with you because sharing my truth is what I do, and because I know some of my clients are moving through upleveling themselves.

Is any of this happening for you?

  • You feel the call to act and serve in alignment with your passion and purpose, but feel afraid, unprepared, and overwhelmed at the prospect of change.
  • You are facing what doesn’t work in your life and relationships and work/business and are ready to make changes.
  • You are ready to release what is holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Where are you upleveling?

I’d love to know; please let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. This is a brilliant post Sue! Being in awareness and embracing change is essential to upleveling and transforming everything for the better in all areas of our lives. Thank you for sharing your commitment to uplevel. I’m inspired! <3

    • Pamela, thanks! A commitment shared is a commitment made stronger, I find. Which makes me so grateful for you reading and receiving it.


  2. This was a wonderful post. I guess I am upleveling as well and now have a great term to use. Health, business and life are all experiencing major waves and I am learning to surf like a pro. Thank you for this!

    • Sacheen, welcome here. I love your “major waves” and “surf like a pro” phrases. I think I’ll use your terms too.


  3. Sue, you always inspire me with your courage and honesty, which always includes huge dashes of wit and wisdom. I think I’ve been actively resisting upleveling in certain ways, so this post kicked my butt a bit — in a good way. There’s been much turning of the internal soil, and I find I’ve been stepping into lower income/super high satisfaction opportunities more lately. All perfect grist for the mill. Thank you for writing truth and continuing to shine your unique light for us to bask in.

    • Yikes, plenty of typos in that comment! Mentally replace period with comma after ‘honesty’, and of course I’m resisting upleveling, not unleveling as spellcheck here put it!

      • Ahh, look, waved my wand and typos disappeared! I had the same unhelpful spellcheck thing at this end and nearly shared the post with Unleveling instead of Upleveling in the title. So glad I caught it!


    • Sharon, that’s so beautiful! “turning of the internal soil.” I love it. Glad to know the inspiration is a two-way street because you inspire me so much!

      Love and light,

  4. Must confess upleveling is a new word for me Sue, but it does appear I’m on a similar path. I recently took an advanced content marketing course and to say it was an eye-opener would be an gross understatement.

    A major portion of my career was spent in the sales and marketing trenches. Then I jumped ship to do my own thing and write full time, and I love it. But this course helped me to realize that I was missing some very vital links between the artsy fartsy natural creative in me and the business professional that I was trained to be. So I can definitely say I’m up to my eyeballs in “upleveling” at the moment and pushing hard to be ready to move forward as of February 1st! Here’s to both of us enjoying our journeys!

    • Oh good, another upleveling sister! Glad to know I’m not alone. Right now I’m in discernment for my word/theme for the year, and my planning is underway. Woot!

      Enjoy every moment of the journey, and make sure you’re strapped in and grounded. (I’m pretty sure I’m talking to myself as well as you here!)


  5. Wonderful sharing of yourself, Sue! My first thought reading this was “Is she in her second Saturn return?”. What you are experiencing sounds like a stripping away of what doesn’t work, to re-create or create what does. I believe many of us, (and it isn’t age specific), are experiencing this upleveling at this moment in time. It is actually written in the astrology of the times. There really is little choice anymore for those who are on a path of growth.

    For me specifically, I am attempting to define what my passions are and to include all of them in my life. Sometimes that is challenging, I have to admit. Having come from a music industry background, which included songwriting, I recently felt a deep longing to announce to the Universe that I want music back in my life. In a big way too. There’s a quote I love by Wayne Dyer, “Don’t die with your music still in you”, and for me, I am taking that both literally and figuratively right now. I have no idea of the “how”, however, the “why” has really never gone away. And having re-created myself a time or two in my own life, I know that we are constantly dying, (to our old self), and being born anew. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the ride as you continue to uplevel.

    • Beverley, I’ve passed through my second Saturn return already, but this feels like another layer, I think.

      Writing from the road on the way to Jewitch camp. Blessings!

  6. OMG, Sue, this is such a timely post. YES, I am upleveling EVERYTHING in my life as well. My health, my life, my biz. Interestingly… as I do this, things are falling into place more easily. Funny how that happens!

    • Tandy, me too! My journey keeps getting clearer and simpler. Maybe I’m not quite to easier yet, at least not on the outside. But as I type these words I feel so much more ease on the inside. And growth for me is always from the inside out. I’ll take it!

      Love and more love,

  7. How wonderful Sue. Yes i feel I am definately upleveling in 2016.

    I feel that i have finally shown the universe i am ready to play full out and I am not finding it easy. Just today i was aware of making an unnecessary judgement rather than trusting my whispers. I am upleveling by embracing The Heart Whisperer and following my passion for living a vibrant life and it is a work in progress. I recognize the questions you are asking too.
    love Suzie xxoo

  8. Such a beautifully honest, raw post, Sue. Just by offering it, you make it safer for others to show up in an authentic way. Thank you!

    One of my biggest places of work over the past year or two has been, in business, to acknowledge and sit with places of messiness…and to get really honest about what wasn’t quite right (rather than fall into my typical pattern of insisting on getting everything right and perfect on the first go). It has been hard. AND each time I do it, something emerges that is more “right” and better than I would’ve ever imagined.

    So here’s to messiness and upleveling! Sending you so many blessings during the times of darkness and uncertainty…and during the growth and transformation that emerge.

    • Dana, thanks. Points of light are already appearing in the murky darkness for me. This is such good work to do for me and for my business!

      Love and gratitude,

  9. Is upleveling a word you made up? It might help make change’ more attractive. Enjoyed getting to know you. Coming from my 76 years of life experiences, I transformed many times, the most recent just a few years ago, so no, it is never too late to start anything again.

  10. I so love the feel of the word “Upleveling”! It sort of ignites fire within 🙂
    I’ve been upleveling my health, my emotional healing and my spiritual growth since last the past few years. Its only in the last year that I went full ON and the results: 30 kgs lighter, energy like an 18 year old and feelings of being able to conquer the world 🙂 How grand is life?!
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Much Love and Light,

  11. Hi Sue, Loved your post, it is very sincere and coming from the heart. Upleveling needs a lot of courage and determination to push through, but once done your own your way up. Thanks for sharing. Great Read!

  12. Loved reading this. I have been exactly the same in the last couple of months and now i”ve come out The other side. I’m relaunching in feb – on my birthday! Looking forward to sharing your journey!

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