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Making time in business for the sacred. Better yet, being in touch with the sacred all the time…

You work hard. You feed, nurture and grow your business. You engage with your clients and prospects. You show up for your heart’s mission and your soul’s purpose. And yet, you keep telling me how hard it is to fold in, make time for, the sacred and important moments you want to observe. This has been a big week for moments, hasn’t it? With the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, and yesterday’s Venus Transit and prayers for the Waters of the Earth, the last two days have been powerful, full of opportunity to honor our planet, make sacred commitment to our waters, to stand in the truth of what we want.

As my brilliant friend wrote in her Way of the Rabbit blog:

As Venus transits the Sun today, she asks us, “For what would you give up everything? For love? Money? What sacrifices are you willing to make? What risks are you willing to take in order to return this world to wholeness?”

Did you get a chance to take your stand as a Mother of the New Time, or pray for our waters? It’s not too late. The Full Moon window is winding down today, but the Venus transit energy and effects will be felt for months. Here’s one thing you can do: Take an open container of water, from a sacred spring or well or river if you have it, or from your own tap. Bless the water, make it intentionally sacred. Add a small stone or shell. Go to the lake, river, stream, bay, ocean near you. Feel and express your gratitude. Sing a little, drum a little, dance a little. Add your water to the source. Toss in your stone or shell. Bask in the connection.

The Goddess, Spirit, Source, Mother Earth, they don’t care how much time
you spend in contemplation and devotion.

I know this, though. It matters to Source, Spirit, The Goddess, Mother Earth that you spend time in intentional contemplation and devotion. That it’s a priority. That you honor your connection to who and what came before you, and do your part in creating the best possibilities for who and what are yet to come.

One way to sink into contemplation is to sink into gratitude. I know, because I’ve been practicing this.

Gratitude today:

  • I am grateful for being invited to share a yummy treat with my sister (baked salmon from Zabar’s!)
  • I am grateful for every kind word friends have delivered to me with love
  • I am grateful for (reluctantly, reluctantly) committing to cleaning up my diet even more in an effort to improve my health
  • I am grateful for the beautiful garden here and for squash and beans and greens all coming up and filling my plates and bowls and tummy I am grateful that I’ve had lots of delicious fruit in my life and that I know I will survive whatever this time period will be without fruit I am grateful for this breath, and the one before, and the next one
  • I am grateful for good neighbors, even the challenging ones
  • I am grateful for unexpected money coming in, yay!
  • I am grateful for the team of practitioners who help me make my health decisions
  • I am grateful for good rest I am grateful that I have passion for my work, for my mission and purpose
  • I am grateful for the women who write gratitude emails to me, I wonder if they know how much I get from their work I am grateful for kombucha, it makes me happy I am grateful for warm socks
  • I am grateful for sunshine  
  • I am grateful for reading inspirational writing every day. Today I am especially thankful for @AnneLamott ‘s honesty and words about writing

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  1. Oh, I love the water blessing ritual! Deffo doing that, as it would be a way for me to celebrate the increased sense of communion I have since the eclipse + transit. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 

  2. Wonderful list of things to be grateful for! As I read I’m grateful for the muffin I’m eating and the green tea I’m sipping. In all seriousness, I think it’s so important to regularly list the things you have to be grateful for, it multiplies the blessing, both to yorself and others around you. Blessings to you!

    •  @Balancing Goddess How beautiful. I totally get it. I’ve been doing this gratitude practice for nearly ten years, and I am awed by how much good comes from being grateful for the muffin and the tea. Gratitude for the mundane, for every breath, is the foundation for living a juicy and purposeful life. 
      Love and light,

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