Bringing the juicy* back… Want to give a thoughtful, meaningful, easy and no-cost gift?

Hello, precious one!

I hear questions and comments like the following when I talk to the clients in my practice, when I talk to the women I meet at business events, at the gym, at community gatherings:

  • I feel a strong call to make a change; how do I figure out what I’m meant to do?
  • My life used to be more juicy*; how can I get that back?
  • How can I align my brand and my website with my values?
  • I see vibrant women all around me being daring and audacious; I want that!

*Wondering what juicy means? Check it out:
Juicy, adj. 1. full of juice, succulent   2. very profitable, appealing, interesting, satisfying, or substantive   3. very interesting or colorful, even slightly scandalous

Here’s a thoughtful, easy way to gift someone you love/admire/care for. I’m offering one-hour consultations for any busy woman you’d like to honor with a gift. You can give this gift (as many of them as you’d like, actually) any time, until 12/31/11. Oh, did I mention it’s free? That’s right, $0!

No cost? Seriously?

I’m not crazy. I’m delighted to do this. I want to give as many free sessions as possible to powerful women who know there is more to life than job/career/children and who are open to getting support for their wildest dreams. This way I get to hold space for their sanity, creativity, mindfulness, purpose and balance during this holiday season. These sessions are also designed as a way to dive into topics and questions that can have a big impact on the present and the future, like those listed above.

$0? Yup, no-cost means no-cost. You simply fill out this form and your recipient will receive a lovely Magnolias West gift certificate (pictured). The instructions for scheduling their session will be right on the certificate. Easy!

A refreshing promise: I promise you I will not use the free coaching session to hard sell, upsell, or sidesell your giftees. I do these sessions because I love my work and I love to share it. What usually happens at the end of a free session? Most of the time, I end up with a new reader of these newsletters; sometimes the woman I’ve just spent an hour with will become a source of referrals for me; occasionally she will hire me for some targeted coaching.

What’s this about donations? I thought it was free. If you squint at the gift certificate, you’ll notice that there’s mention of a donation being made in the name of the giftee. That’s completely optional. If you are moved to take it up a notch, when you fill out the form to give your gift, indicate that you made a donation in your recipient’s name to a worthwhile cause, and name the cause. The consultation is valued at $195; you can donate part or all of the value, as you wish.

What if I want to have a session for myself? Yes! You can give this gift to yourself. Of course! In fact, my vision for you is that you be the first person on your own list!

I’ve recently joined the Pay What You Wish/What You Can economy; I’m using it for my workhshops so that this work I’m privileged to do gets out to as many woman as possible. In this season of gratitude and generosity, it’s a logical extension for me to offer this gift opportunity to my cherished peeps. Share the wealth. Share the joy. Share the resources.

Wishing all a juicy, peaceful, intentional, loving and audacious holiday season.



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