Is your world being rocked by the intense and unceasing changes that show up in the third third of life?

Move through the transitions that aging brings with ease. Even with grace.

Imagine what it’s like to:

>> See possibilities where you’re used to seeing obstacles. <<

>> Enjoy your innate capacity for insight, creativity, and health. <<

>> Walk through the uncertainties the third third of life brings with more freedom and less doubt. <<

I’m Sue Kearney and I’m living proof:
No matter how tough your journey has been, your next greatest moment is always only one thought away.

I’ve landed in the third third of life. After decades of healing from the residual damage after recovering from trauma, abuse, and addiction...

After 25+ years of studying and applying practices designed to empower and transform...

After 15+ years of coaching clients...

I stumbled upon a simple and revolutionary understanding that makes peace of mind, calm, and joy available — no matter what is going on around you.

  • You don't have to push yourself.
  • You don't have to go out of your comfort zone.
  • You don't have to meditate more, or try harder.

Everything is different now.

  • I don’t feel the fear that used to stop me from trying / asking / daring....
  • I do more of what I feel like doing, and spend much more time enjoying myself than I do feeling bad about what I'm doing wrong, or not enough of.
  • I no longer believe I’m too old, too sick, or that it’s too late.

Sound impossible? Yes, it did to me too, but I’m living proof that you no longer need to struggle or be afraid of the future (not to mention the present!).

Not only can you come alive in ways you’ve never dreamed of in your third third of life, but guess what? The world needs your aliveness. (Read more About Me.)

Let’s make some magic together.

No matter the way we choose to work together, this will always be the true center of our collaboration:

I am committed to your results. I stand with you as you embrace and experience success, happiness, and creativity in this moment and as you take steps toward midwifing your wildest dreams in the next.

I’m a coach: teacher, writer, mentor.

I’m a journeywoman artist: web design, branding, copy that resonates.

I make cool stuff — printables, wisdom books, healing & beauty products.

Where would you like to look first?


Rock the third third of your life. Inspired. Creative. Unleashed.


Find your inner spark again and come back alive, no matter what is on your plate. Aging. Chronic pain. Health challenges. Relationship changes. Loneliness. Trauma. Addiction. Creative blocks. The world needs people who have come alive. Find out more.


Images, words, and strategies that reflect the uniqueness of your work.

Design and branding

Get off the endless merry-go-round of tweaking your words and visuals so you can better connect with the clients you want to serve. Learn how to make your passion and integrity shine in your branding. Find out more.


Wisdom guides, e-Books, serums, potions, and recipes.


Head over to the product library. Browse. Buy. Request information. I’m adding products to this page as fast as I can gather them up and get them posted. There are a few good ones for starters... Find out more.