What are you harvesting, dear ones?

Today is the Equinox.

This is the day when there is equal amounts of light and dark. The day of balance.

We’re easing into the time of the last harvest of the year. The time of maturity. The time of fruition, of reaping what we’ve sown, and lovingly tended.

Do you garden? Can you see it in your plants, how they’re coming into or have already arrived at their fullness and now are giving us their last gift, their seeds for next year? Are you getting ready to pull up the plants that are done and turn over the dirt, or plant a cover crop, preparing for the next growing season?

What are you harvesting?

What have you planted this year in the garden of your heart, your soul, your business, your life?

For me, this year’s harvest is profound and impactful. This year I gifted myself with a nearly year-long class called Awakening Joy. A series of monthly classes, all aimed at [ahem] awakening and increasing access to joy in our lives. All day, every day.

And you know what? It’s working. Of course, it hasn’t just been bestowed upon me. Instead, it’s been an unfolding. Some of the ways I can feel this unfolding are:

  • I’ve found myself willing, eager, to resume a long-dormant daily meditation practice
  • I’ve committed to a crazy practice of smiling big at least three times a day (try it!)
  • I’ve gotten my new website under way, and am on track to launch it by the end of the year
  • I’ve tried, and continued to try, many kinds of healings for a chronic health challenge, and I’ve found myself so much more at peace and so much less frustrated than I had been
  • And most recently, I have adopted a new life-changing motto: If I’m doing it, it must be sacred. Which invites me, lovingly and easefully, to bring my best thoughts, words and actions to every moment of the day. And changes everything. For the better.

Name what you’ve harvested, darlings!

Take some time this week, between today (9/22), the Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra, and next Saturday, the Full Harvest Moon in Aries.

Grab your journal, or a big sheet of paper, and your favorite pens, markers, pencils.

Light a candle, connect with Spirit in the way that’s most comfortable for you (a prayer, a few minutes of meditation), and look back at the last six months. What did you plant in the Spring? What big intentions? What audacious new plans for your business? What new wellness practices? What commitments in your relationships?

What has happened for each of those seeds you planted? What’s ready to harvest? What’s nearly ripe? What needs some more nurturing?

If you use a big sheet of paper, go as wild as you are moved to go. Draw images of leaves and write your harvest statements in the leaves. Paste leaves and berries and cinnamon sticks (and any other symbols of the season) to your collage and hang it on the wall where you can see it during this maturing and ripening season, over the next six weeks or so.

And please, when you’ve done this, snap a picture of your collage and send it to me in an email and I’ll publish all the photos I receive before the next New Moon.

Speaking of cinnamon sticks, a really good way to get into the feel of the season (especially if you live in the Bay Area as I do, and miss the crispness of Autumn) is to simmer a pot of water on the stove into which you can drop cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice. While wearing autumn colors, of course!

And now, I’m off on retreat…!

Another fruit of what I’ve planted…I’ll be gone until next Sunday, at Esalen, soaking up some spiritual neuroscience teachings, as well as the ocean air, and the coastline beauty. I’ll be unplugging as much as possible and holding you all in my hearts.


This beautiful image comes from the Confessions of a Kitchen Witch blog.





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