What goals are you bringing in this year?

What audacious daring wonderful goals are you setting for yourself?

There are many ways to set goals for the year.

Some people use a visual approach. At the East Bay Church of Religious Science, the congregation gets handed a piece of poster paper with a grid printed on it with twelve categories, things like Health, Family, Career, Relationships, Finances, etc. The assignment is to go home and pull images and make a goals collage that you put up and look at every day. Powerful.

Some people write a list. They review what they’ve accomplished in the past year, what’s complete and what’s still left to take on and fulfill, and they make a new list that includes whatever is left from last year that’s still relevant and add to it anything new.

Some people plant seeds. They write each of their goals on individual little pieces of paper, and then roll each paper into a little ball and plant them all in their garden.

I’ve used all of these methods and I am a fan of them all.

This year I’m doing something different.

I have created a keyword or theme for 2011, which is Love. After reviewing 2010, and seeing that the biggest incompletion of the previous year for me is in the area of intimate relatedness, it was very clear to me that Love is central to my goals for this year. I have taken that word—Love—and asked myself how to best express this quality in every area of my life.

For example, in business: Instead of simply stating my goal of increasing revenue, I’ve chosen the word Love as the foundation from which to manifest this and all other aspects of my business goals.

What does this mean?

  • It means I will be as transparent as I can in all my business dealings.
  • I’ll be open and good-humored about everything that transpires.
  • I’ll be frugal without being fearful.
  • I’ll negotiate from a place of generosity and compassion.
  • And so on.

From this foundation, I am able to make concrete goals for each area of my life that can be manifested from this new context. Until goals become actions that are scheduled, and therefore achievable, they are nothing but a wish list. My goal of increasing revenue is concretely expressed by these actions: building upon my presence in the business community; offering my time and talents where I can be useful; and asking previous clients for referrals. I have scheduled all of these things, which is the critical piece. I am making these commitments to myself, and now to you, and to my accountability buddy.

How will you hold yourself accountable to the audacious goals you’ve invited into your life?

You could work with a coach or a mentor, partner with a friend or colleague as accountability buddies, or enroll in a goals workshop. Creating an accountability structure opens up space for you to honor your commitment to your magnificent self and offers the wonderful feeling of having someone else committed to your success!


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