What has to transform…?

…to reclaim who you really are?

Transformation: A thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character.

When you engage in intentional transformation, you’re looking to change yourself in a meaningful way.

You’ve woken up to the fact that something’s lacking, or unsatisfying, or….

  • It can be physical (aging process, appearance, health).
  • Or something about your life and how you spend it (the work you do, your income/finances, your creative expression).
  • Or maybe it’s your relationships (family, friends, community, lovers).

Those wake-up calls can be difficult to receive, right? Some of the ways they come might look like:

  • your relationship with yourself as you age
  • financial reversal
  • business struggles
  • end of relationship
  • health crisis

Reclaim Resilience — transform

Each and every one of these shakeups bring with them an invitation to transform.

These invitations might make you aware of places where you’re stuck, or where you yearn to make a change.

  • The third third of life. Do you see the changes and transitions that come as heavy and worrying? What stops you from standing sovereign in your wisdom?
  • Money: How much are you spending? Do you have beliefs about your spending options and choices that get in the way?
  • Success and failure in business: Staying connected to your spark and inner guidance even when you’re not earning what you need. Noticing that your thinking gets in the way of calling in the clients you want to help.
  • How you are in relationship. Do you think that your relationships mean something about your worth and love-ability? Seeing that your thinking can get in the way of expressing the love you want to give.
  • Your precious health. Do you respond to the changing way your body demands your attention with love? What do you see that gets in the way of your acceptance of what is?

Sometimes you’ll notice that yearning and you’ll reach for help.

Sometimes it can take a while. Women — especially women who’ve lived through menopause and its attendant losses — are so good at showing how well you can do everything yourself.

Transformation can be easier than you think.

Yes, lovely, you can thoroughly (and as dramatically as you like) change your form, appearance, and character.

I know it doesn’t often seem simple or accessible. When we’re in the feelings that our thinking offers, it can be excruciatingly difficult to make the slightest change at all! When you are believing all those made-up stories about yourself and how you are and have been in your life.

The simple part? You can make a slight shiftt that allows you to see that you’re okay no matter what you’re dealing with. When you make this shift, then transformations begin to present themselves in a natural organic way. One might feel simply like a good idea. Or a natural next right action.

Reclaim Resilience — transformWhen you are connected to your spark, your innate resilience, your divinity, you can make shifts with little effort. Some crazy examples from my own journey:

  • Go dancing or take a walk by the shore or lean on a redwood and feel your agelessness (instead of staying at home).
  • Go thrift-store shopping and relish in finding lovely designer duds lovingly handed on and for such a bargain (instead of resenting the high-ticket items you don’t think you can/should buy).
  • Embrace every opportunity to be of loving service with an open heart (instead of feeling like you are desperate).
  • Be the love, sister, that you want to experience and receive (instead of being pissed off at those who are not available).
  • Take care of your beautiful body without having too much on it (instead of worrying and stressing about your aches, pains, and health projects).

Take a simple step towards your transformation.

Join me and my beloved colleague and master at all things ease and self-care, Sharon Rosen, in this summer’s Reclaim Resilience program.

Reclaim Resilience starts June 25th. A circle of women meeting on virtual calls and online in a private forum to look together at those beliefs, fears, and stresses that keep us from the easy relationship with life and all its ups, downs, mysteries, and white waters — a relationship that’s always available. Let’s use the magic of a women’s circle to help each other remember, notice, and make that shift that allows the lightness back in. Head over to the Reclaim Resilience page to see more and to register.

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