What is is a gift, even when it’s bumpy (and notes on the Full Moon in Taurus)

Embracing what is


When I heard the saying in the image—about bumps, detours and potholes—the other night, it landed in my heart, in my gut, with so much resonance. It belongs in the file of amazing wisdom heard in a 12-step meeting I’ve been amassing for a long time now. Because it speaks to that truth that what is is a gift, even when it’s bumpy. Here are a couple more good ones that relate directly to this teaching.

  • Wherever you go, there you are.
    Yes, you can sell all your stuff, quit your job or walk away from your business, buy that Airstream, and travel around. Guess what? Your unresolved issues and challenges will still be present in your beautiful beating heart and your chattering mind when you wake up in a RV parking lot 500 miles away from where you thought you had left them behind. And those issues and challenges will be there the next day. And the next… Unless and until you embrace, accept and get down to doing the work that can and will release what no longer serves you and transform what does into useful wisdom.

  • Your issues, your problems, you’ve got them for a reason
    Imagine sitting in a circle of people, and you, like everyone else, are complaining about the stuff that has you dissatisfied, the stuff that’s holding you back from living into you dream and vision for your best life. Here’s a promise: If each one of us in that circle all put our problems and challenges in the center as we talked, when we were done, and everyone was starting to leave, you would pick up your own problems and challenges on the way out the door.

Your problems and your challenges are the bumps, turns, and potholes that you are meant to travel on the way to your magnificent greatness.

They’re yours, they’re your gift. They’re the jewel that’s been given to you, and every single facet in that jewel is a viewport into a lesson. And every single lesson is a blessing.

Even a pothole can contain a precious jewel, a gift you might never even see if you spend all your time complaining about the stupid road and the stupid holes. When you slow down, and breathe, and accept and even breathe gratitude into this now moment—even the flat tire, even the delay—you may be surprised, enlightened and brought to joy by even this PITA (pain in the ass) moment.

Take another look at the pothole.

When you slow down and look from that place inside you that’s at peace instead of annoyed, accepting instead of victimized, you may see something beautiful you didn’t see at first glance.


What jewels, what gifts have been hidden in your own bumps, detours and potholes? What appreciation has grown in you for exactly what is? Talk to me, tell me your beautiful story in a comment.


Full Moon notes

Full Moon in Taurus

Sunday 11/17/13
in California
25º26′ Taurus
7:16 am Pacific
10:16 am Eastern
3:16 pm GMT

Some traditional names for November’s Full Moon are:

  • Beaver Moon
  • White Moon
  • Dark Moon
  • Snow Moon
  • Tree Moon
  • Trading Moon
  • Sassafras Moon
  • Frosty Moon
  • Moon when horns are broken off

The roller coaster is slowing down, beloveds. We’ve just come through a wild ride, haven’t we? With the turning of the wheel at Samhain / Day of the Dead, the two eclipses, the Pluto/Saturn square, Mercury’s most recent retrograde (in Scorpio, that was a doozy!) finally over, and Jupiter turning direct in Pisces. Whoa. Doesn’t it feel good to unbuckle that safety belt for a bit?

This Taurus Full Moon is a gift, a balm, to soothe whatever is still ouchy after the past six weeks or so. This convivial Full Moon blesses us as we enter the holiday season with a reminder to nestle close to loved ones, take some time to relax, and enjoy good food and fun. This is a perfect time to get some rest. Here in California, where the light is dripping away every day and it’s chilly, candlelight and snuggly blankets are so inviting. Enjoy them. Enjoy your moments, and hours of hibernation.

It’s also the time, as celebrations start to happen between now and the end of the year, to think about how you want to appreciate your cherished ones. For me, it’s always about making something. By Thanksgiving weekend, I will render the beeswax I was given by the hive Goddess who is my neighbor, order containers and start concocting this year’s gift: a healing salve.

How are you relaxing into this easeful Full Moon window? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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  1. Beautiful post & image Sue, timely reminder to find the jewels in the bumpy road I’m having of late, thank you. I know its true, just sometimes forget. Delighted to hear that mercury retrograde is leaving, adios amigo 🙂 love & blessings <3

    • Caroline, Yes, we get a few months reprieve from Mercury retrograde now. That’s a relief!

      Glad you’re seeing the jewels.


  2. I’m coming to realise more and more the bumps help me grow more than the good times do.  Even though I know this and strive to embrace it, it’s so good to be reminded every now and again, particularly when it’s bumpy, as it is at the moment!  Thank you Sue – I needed this 🙂 xx

    • Danielle, I love that! Jumping in with both feet. And landing right next to the jewel in the pothole, of course!

      Full Moon blessings,

  3. Bye bye Mercury Retrograde!  I feel the sense of relief that things are calming down, finally!  This is a beautiful post full of wisdom.  I love your observation that bumps, detours and potholes are the road itself.  Thanks for an inspiring post.  I will share it with friends and family.

    • Serenity, thank you. I’d love to know more…what are you getting when you read between the lines? You may see something I’m not consciously aware of, please share.

      Infinite love to you!


  4. Hi Sue,

    Very powerful post.  Love this line.  “When you slow down and look from that place inside you that’s at peace instead of annoyed, accepting instead of victimized, you may see something beautiful you didn’t see at first glance.”

    I am going to share this quote.

    Be well,



  5. What a beautiful post, Sue! I lived for many years feeling angry at my “pothole” of not being well physically. And it was only when I embraced it and saw it for the gift that it truly was that I began to get well. It’s so powerful that we embrace all of ourselves rather than resist what we perceive as problems. Thank you for this reminder! Hugs!

  6. Sue,

    What a marvelous adventure you outline in your newsletter and I loved the optimism for more peaceful times. As you say, it is the walk through the fire that is the catalyst for growth and self-discovery and embrace it we must. This is one of the best newsletters I read regularly–you have a strong but heartfelt voice!

    Thank you!

    Love, Gail

    • Gail, thank you.

      I appreciate the acknowledgement in every cell of my being.

      So glad you are in my world!

      Love and light,

    • Heather, I don’t know how much I love potholes, but I do know that the less I resist them (and all the lovely changes and unexpected events they can bring), the better my life goes.

      Thanks for taking the time to talk with me here!


  7. Hi Sue, great post. I am grateful everyday for the ‘bumps’ – OKAY so they were mountains for a long time – still… that were in my way. Each WAS a gift, as I arrived in this NOW equipped with spiritual tools I used in my journey that can help others. And, as we are all a work in progress, I’m working on the bumpy road filled with potholes entitled ‘TRUST.’ I know so many, who, as you described, attempt to outrun themselves only to find they can’t. I give thanks that I got to a point of willing to learn my ‘lessons’ rather than continue to run from them. I know I would not want anyone else’s problems; I’m ‘buddies’ with mine. 

  8. Sue,

    How very right you are, no matter where we go we take our unresolved issues and problems with us unless we embrace, accept and do the work. That work is not usually much fun though, is it?? Interesting thought about the circle and picking your own problems back up on the way out. It seems we’d feel so much relief that we’d not even consider it and yet, it rings true… I can’t say I love my potholes either, but I am getting better at accepting them and when I stop resisting my resilience improves and along with it, my peace. Thank you for such an insightful post!

    • Hi Crystal,

      Yeah, it’s amazing, isn’t it, how those spiritual lessons just keep coming? For me it’s such a blessed relief when I can finally accept the teaching and the growth. Because when I don’t it just keeps coming. Like they say, What I resist, persists.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.


  9. Another fantastic post, Sue!

    I find this so fascinating, because just before I left Portugal, my partner, and the life I’d known for six years behind, I was given a vision. It was a smooth, straight road ahead, and there were no potholes in sight. It was as if a veil had been lifted, and the road ahead is now clear(er). I have no doubt there will be potholes (and honestly, I’d miss them if there weren’t) but I think the message was it will feel smoother, because I’ve embraced the work along the way. The potholes become a part of a new normal, as you embrace and celebrate their existence.

    Big Love to you <3

    • Jenny, thanks. I love what you wrote, how the potholes become part of the new normal. So grateful that resiliency and adapability is programmed into our DNA!

      Big love to you too! xoxox

  10. Hi Sue, Thankyou for sharing your wisdom and insights! It’s so true, and I love your phrase ‘whereever you go, there you are’ – we cannot escape (and the road is not meant to be easy!) Having come through some difficult challenges (the big potholes) I appreciate your reminder to accept and embrace the ‘detours’ also, because therein lie precious gifts of ‘now’.  Just what I need to hear , thankyou!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend, and much joy both making and giving your beeswax gifts!  🙂

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