What moves you to creative action? The New Moon in Leo

creativefireFeel that creative sunshine stirring inside you?

The Sun and Moon line up at 14º35′ Leo on Tuesday August 6th, 2:51pm PDT / 5:51pm EDT / 9:51pm GMT

This lunation is a wake-up call! A wake-up and take creative action call. Leo is the fixed fire sign, and this infusion of Leo fire can jerk you right out of your routines. And that’s a good thing! Let this be a new beginning that propels you down a more active, self-created path. Did you feel yourself dragging around lately? Did Summer’s long days become Summer doldrums? Well, now’s a perfect time to dust off your goals and your action plan, stoke your inner fire until it’s sizzling, and take action on all the wonderful things you want to do for your business!

Early on Monday, the Moon makes a trine to Uranus, opening the door to good and productive creative changes. Uranus showers us with independence, originality, visionary thinking, and Leo moves us forward. Yes, I know change is not always easy. But you have a choice, precious. There’s always a choice. You can meet change with resistance, and resentment, or you can meet the change that will get you closer to your goal with willingness to do the internal work you need to do to get unstuck. You might find yourself coming up with unexpected solutions to what might have felt completely stuck and unsolvable the last time you looked.

This could be a breakthrough moment for you, a moment where absolutely nothing is holding you back from taking charge of your life, your work, your business.

The courageous fire of Leo (roar!) can propel you forward in ways you never even considered. Light that fire that frees your heart, unleashes your innovative creativity. You have it within you, now’s a great time to share it! The indulgent, easy-going, harmonious grand trines, that we have been experiencing for some time, are finished now, so we can get down to work.

Throughout this month the alliance between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter may well challenge and stretch us, but Jupiter in Cancer only ever wants the best for us and Uranus in Aries simply wants us free. Together they know that freedom is worth the struggle it often takes to achieve it and the struggle itself can become a dance when we loosen up, embrace the flow and make up some new steps as we go along. Mercury in Cancer is cruising along by itself and will finally leave Cancer for fiery Leo on August 8th. Mercury in Leo is ready, willing and able to help us start to share the wonderful, innovative ideas and creations generated by the Uranus–New Moon trine.

Three suggestions for your New Moon working, for your business, for your body, for your soul:

Take some time, as close to Tuesday’s New Moon as you can, to do this work. I like to do my New Moon ritual on the evening of the third day after the New Moon, the evening when you can see the first sliver of Moon in the sky. Any day between Monday the 5th and Thursday the 8th will work just fine.

You can work at your altar, or be outside, or any place you feel connected to Spirit. As always, pick the one question that rises to the top, that feels most important, and take some time meditating on it. In New Moon workings, dealing as we are with your internal energies, it’s more useful to concentrate on one idea rather than many.

  • For your business
    What’s next for you to create? What have you been working on that needs a little more creative energy from you?
  • For your body
    What can you do this week to fuel your body so that your forward movement will be supported?
  • For your soul
    What do you see in the flames? What inspiration and divine love is heating up for you?

How are you dropping into the energy of this Leo New Moon? Please let me know in the comments.

I am grateful today!

  • I am grateful for three — three! — days of positive change in my digestive symptoms. I won’t say more right now, but I’m hugely grateful to experience this.
  • I am grateful for my new doctor. Young naturopath who specializes in gut stuff. Glad I found him.
  • I am grateful that I can be a Yes to yet another stool analysis. I swore off them the last time, but I’m finding the willingness to do this.
  • I am grateful for the new programs I’m creating for Magnolias West. Exciting stuff!
  • I am grateful for a beautiful weekend. Sunny and cool.
  • I’m grateful for making some new friends at an event yesterday, and playing Mah Jongg with them (and winning!).
  • I am grateful for my improving finances and for the growth in my business.
  • I am grateful for my WordPress buddies. I learn so much every week.
  • I am grateful for a movie called Still Mine. Poignant, loving, powerful. Go. See it.
  • I am grateful for you!

What are you grateful for, gorgeous? Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. I am grateful for the connections we make via the amazing www!

    I am grateful that I stopped and read this latest blog, because I’ve had a feeling deep in my gut centre that I have to let something go to create more time in my week for important art creating work.

    I am grateful that Sue commented on my blogm because that is how I got to read hers!

    Blessings, Jade

    • Jade, I know, it’s amazing! I’m working on a joint venture with someone I met on Twitter. I love it!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Love and light,

  2. I’m grateful to hear that things are turning around and the coming New Moon will foster more creativity and calls to action!

    I’m grateful to read your take on things, Sue.  Your blog never fails to inspire and uplift me.  Thank you.

    I’m grateful to be able to devote a whole HEAP of time to my business and getting my new website off the ground after the old one crashed.

    I’m grateful for a sunny weekend and time spent in the bush reconnecting with Spirit – it’s been way too long 🙂


    • Shan, thanks. Glad to know you’re going strong with this new phase of your business. You inspire me!

      Love and magic,

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I just wrote in my calendar to take some time Wednesday and really take your questions into my heart and see what comes up and out. I’m excited for this – thank you! 🙂

    • Clare, May this Moon shine forth from inside you to bless you with right and perfect creative action.


  4. This is really bright encouragement much appreciated just this moment. Seems I am on the cusp of just what I am intending. So much new, much coming to fruition. With this New Moon connecting to Llammas ( sp?) and the recognition/ gratful celebration of first fruits, I can feel the fruitfulness upcoming in the work I am bringing forth. Thank  you! Love this message and will share.

    Zola de Firmian

    • Ah, Zola, you’re tying today’s Moon into the turn of the Wheel. Exactly. Lammas (the way I learned to spell it). First harvest. A fruitful time. And the harvests continue for another season. What a perfect time to let the creativity flow.

      Blessed be!

  5. Holy wow, Sue – I REALLY felt the shift in my energy today (it’s the end of the 6th here in New Zealand as I write this), but I hadn’t connected it back to anything astrological. Your post has me wondering though.

    Last week was a really hard week for me – I was feeling depleted and drained and basically in a place where I was experiencing the consequences of not having prioritised my self-care for entirely too long.

    I took some time for myself this weekend just gone though, and man, it really is like I”m a new person this week.  Suddenly I can focus, I’m getting things ticked off my To Do list like WHOAH, and I’m taking action on things I’ve been putting off for weeks.

    That fiery image you have at the top of this post?  That’s EXACTLY how I’m feeling right now.  Maybe I’m more attuned to the moon than I’d realised!



    • Tanja, I’m so happy to see (here and those other places we hang out) you taking exquisite care of YOU! Inspiring, and a reminder to me that balance is key.

      Now I think of you whenever I see that fiery image. To me, looks like a woman dancing. 🙂

      Love and New Moon blessings,

  6. Sue, I definitely have been feeling a surge in energy since Monday, it’s like a dark cloak has been lifted.  Now I know why!  Thanks for this awesome insight. Blaze

  7. Business: I’ve been revamping my business recently so creativity is coming at a great time for me. I’ll keep my eyes open for times when I am feeling creative so I keep up the momentum.

    Body: I’ve felt a need to watch the diet recently. I’m feeling creative when it comes to eating healthier lately.

    Soul: My flame is for my children/grandchildren. I am being creative in ways to be with them around my work schedule.

    • Crystal, powerful times three! Love this!

      And I love how you’re looking for, sensing, the moments as they come.

      Love and light,

  8. Sue, I loved your take on the current energies. Spot on for me. A creative spark has been lit and in movement! I’m grateful for Lynn Serafin’s The 7 Graces Group, which is where I found you. Awesome site!

    • Adela, thanks! Glad you’re in the flow of Leo’s late summer juicy energy. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      Love and blessings,

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