What will be your legacy?

How will you be remembered, precious?

legacyMy legacy came up and smacked me in the face last week.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my legacy, about how I’ll be remembered, about the good I will have done that will outlive me.

It’s a really useful exercise, from time to time, to meditate on this very thing, to review your values (and compare them to your actions!), so that in each now moment you can choose what you do, what you say, even what you feel and think, so that everything you choose to do, say, feel and think is in alignment with your best and highest values.

The last time I spent some time on this topic, this is what I wrote:

I want to leave a legacy of:

  • spreading generosity
  • having been generous and loving
  • having been funny and smart and interesting
  • having been a good friend and a great mother, daughter and sister

Last week I invited my daughter, my sister and some other cherished friends over for my world-famous matzo brei

I do this every year. I’ll confess, this is the only Jewish food I have learned to make. The Jewish food I was brought up with is heavy, and doughy and made of lots of things I no longer eat. Matzo brei is all of that, and it’s also incredibly delicious. It’s traditional to make matzo brei during Passover season (which just ended), and I’ve been doing this, with and for my daughter, for many years.

My daughter drove 100 miles to join in the feast and fun. I sent her home with all the leftovers (that was all the wheat and dairy and sugar I needed to put in my body). The next day she texted and asked for the recipe. (More about this, including the recipe, in last week’s blogpost here.) Rose made her first matzo brei, sending me pictures along the way. It came out great, she said. And you know what made me kvell* with joy the most? She told me how squeezing the water out of the matzo brought back memories of standing by my side, as a little kid, and helping me make the batter.

So how does this passing on a recipe fit into my legacy?

Let me count the ways!

  • It’s a moment of being a good great mother
  • It brought joy to my daughter (and the people she fed)
  • It was a chance for me to be generous. I was a complete Yes to stopping what I was doing and taking the time to put together the recipe for her.

I’d love to hear about your legacy. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments.


New Moon April 10th

2:35 a.m. Pacific, 20º Aries

Some say that the astrological year just begins to begin at the Spring Equinox, then gets closer to its real kickoff at the the first full Moon in Libra/Aries, which marks religious celebrations around the world. The astrological year finally reaches its real beginning at the Aries New Moon, since it’s at the New Moons that cycles of all kinds initiate.

This first New Moon of the year, choose to plant the seeds of the wisdom of what you’ve learned, the passion of your heart, and the knowing that comes from that place beyond thinking, the knowing you feel in your gut. Plant the seeds that will lead you to the fruits you need to harvest this year. What will you be creating?

Three suggestions for your New Moon working, for your business, for your body, for your soul:

Take some time, as close to the actual New Moon as you can to do this work. (Any time in the three-day-window of Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday will work just fine.) You can work at your altar, or be outside, or any place you feel connected to Spirit. As always, pick the one question that rises to the top, that feels most important, and take some time meditating on it. I find that in New Moon workings, dealing as we are with internal energies, it’s more useful to concentrate on one idea rather than many.

  • What are you ready to plan, work on, and launch for your business?
  • What can you do today to improve your wellness, your strength and your stamina?
  • What time can you take today, and tomorrow, to connect with your spiritual source, to draw down into your heart and soul the mercy and compassion and safety that’s always there to be poured into you, just by asking for it?

How are you dropping into the energy of this Aries New Moon? Please let me know in the comments.


I’m very grateful today

  • I’m grateful for energy and health and strength
  • I’m grateful to have landed up in a very different place about my health. I’m not hating being sick any more. I’ve moved to another context, one that feels so much better. I’m seeing my sickness as a lovable part of me, one worthy of compassion and tenderness.
  • I’m grateful for music that makes me sing and dance around my house.
  • I’m grateful for the passion I feel for wellness, passion that makes it totally doable to show up at the gym at 8:30 or 9:30 on weekend mornings.
  • I’m grateful for patience and for embracing imperfect action, in myself and in others, in my business and in my life.
  • I’m grateful to live in a place with beautiful gardens, where I can grow the greens I love to eat, where chickens eat scraps and give us eggs.
  • I’m grateful to be safe and to have reliable technology that works so well most of the time.

What are you grateful for, gorgeous? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Kvell: to feel happy and proud (Yiddish)

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  1. The “legacy” exercise reminds me of one of Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits”, “Begin with the end in mind”. It’s such a healing experience to put one’s day-to-day efforts into a greater context. I for one need regular reminding, I’m really good at getting lost in the details!

    The New Moon in my brand of pagan spirituality is a time of stillstand-in-motion, a gestation period – a time to withdraw and BE rather than DO. Meditation, refuelling energies, that kind of thing, to be prepared for the outward energy of the Waning Moon.

    Much love! xx

    • Hi Sibylle,

      I love that, begin with the end in mind. May we begin all our powerful, risky, loving actions that way!

      Enjoy the New Moon in Aries, gather it all in.

      Blessings and love,

  2. Sue, I love that idea of leaving a legacy, and have done it before as an exercise along the lines of “what will you want to leave behind when you are at the end of your life?”. The answers are always profound and deep I find as the question takes us away from our daily ‘doing’ into who we are when are ‘being’.

    This new moon is bringing me into the energy of commitment and to stop abandoning myself and my business, to be my own coach and champion, as well as to bring in those resources when I need them from my connections with other people. Then I too will be their champion and coach. There’s a firmness of resolve that I have never previously felt and I’m enjoying it.
    much love
    Marian x


    • Marian, Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply.

      I love what you said about moving from the doing into the being. So hard, sometimes, isn’t it?

      I love your resolve. What a great seed to plant for your business!


  3. This is a great reminder! And I too like the idea of begining with the end in mind. We would all live much more fully, and more generously I think, if we considered things that way.

    • Hi Shana. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Fully and generously. Makes my heart smile just to think about that.

      Love and light,

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