In the shadow, discover what you are meant to create and manifest

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday, 10/8/14
15º05′ Aries
3:51 am Pacific
6:51 am Eastern

Aries calls us to begin, to create, to manifest our dreams and visions

It’s Eclipse season!

We’re in a month that may bring lots of changes and opening with back-to-back Eclipses — the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this week and then a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd.

Aries is the first sign of the astrological year. Aries initiates, which often may feel more like a kick in the pants than a gentle invitation. Either way, or somewhere in between, step into the opening, and ask yourself: What are you being called to begin, to create, to manifest?

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Spend some time in discernment during this eclipse.

You may be able to see this Eclipse in your area. Even if you can’t see the Eclipse with your eyes, you can make the most of its energy by allowing its shadow to bring out what’s been hiding in the dark recesses of your heart. Set aside some time in the darkness, as close to the Eclipse as possible, and ask:

  • What’s next for me?
  • What am I meant to create?
  • What am I meant to manifest?

In the quiet, in the darkness, you may get surprising answers. Stay open. Stay open. Trust the invitation to begin. And begin, beloved, begin!

What are you being called to create? Share in the comments, let’s be excited together!!

How are you enjoying this episode of Mercury retrograde in Libra and Scorpio?

Libra and Scorpio have lots to do with how we connect with others and express ourselves. Are you noticing that some relationships need extra care, or even that you feel called to back away from some relationships that are no longer working? I’ve just let my long-time web developer go, which was very hard; we’ve worked together for eight years. But I know that I deserve to work with a partner who’s enthusiastic about my vision. My clients deserve for me to have the best team I can. Stand in your truth, speak from your heart, begin and end difficult conversations with loving acknowledgement.

I have also had some of the usual Merc Rx techno-glitches to deal with, and a spate of things just not going as planned.

Gentle reminders to add ease to the Mercury retrograde (ends October 25th):

  • Back up your data. And back up your backups! I run automatic backups of my files, plus I have cloud backup, and a third weekly bootable backup. And that’s just for my hard drive. I have automatic weekly backups for my WordPress website, plus my host backs up the data automatically as well.
  • Do you have a new client? Yay you! Congratulations! Triple-check everything before signing the agreement.
  • Expect things to change. Check traffic, arrival and departure times just one more time.

What else? What do you do to ensure ease and spaciousness during a Mercury retrograde? I’d love to know! Please talk to me in the comments.

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    • Marla, good to be open, isn’t it? Change comes, and comes again, and comes again, and the more open I am / we are, the easier it is to roll with what is.

      Love and light,

  1. I always enjoy reading your updates Sue! I had no idea a lunar eclipse was coming and that we are in Mercury retrograde right now. Explains A LOT! Your astrological assessments always seem to be right on point with what’s going on for me 🙂


    • Christina, glad it’s useful for you. I love to hear that; you’ve made my morning.

      May the upcoming Eclipse bring you clarity and inspiration!


  2. Your explanation of Mercury retrograde in Libra and Scorpio is a very accurate description of my life right now.

    Usually, Mercury retrograde is no big deal for me. But most of my planets are in Libra and Scorpio, mostly in the 9th house. Thank you for the advice about loving acknowledgment–that should help.

    • Vicki, thanks for sharing this. I too have a chart full of Scorpio, and this Merc Rx has been so intense for me!! Ah well, two more weeks. Actually this time of year is always full of deep and profound stuff for me to unpack. As they say in Brooklyn: AFGO. Another fucking growth opportunity! And another. And another!


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