What’s opening up for you?

Opening up, inside and out

As the world begins opening up bit by bit, are you noticing what’s stirring in you?

As my friend and mentee — 11-year-old Dani — said to me, when I told her that I’d been invited to submit canvases for a juried show, “That’s a big small thing.”

I’m seeing lots of big small things around me. Lots of small acts of opening up.

opening up

Vintage Bank Antiques — where my decorative art is on display — is open for safe shopping on weekends and by appointment. I masked and gloved up and completed my displays for now.

You local to Petaluma or taking a drive? Vintage Bank’s on the corner of Petaluma Blvd. S. and Western.

I’m seeing other retail — restaurants, cafes, apparel — beginning to play with curbside, call-in, and take-out in all kinds of imaginative ways.

I’m seeing more cars and people out and about. Stepping into the late-May pandemic world in northern California.

All this energy of opening up is igniting my imagination. Here’s one form that’s taking:

opening up

I’m doing a Lemon-Aid stand.

Because why not?

This so makes me grin and giggle.

I’ve decided on opening up a sidewalk stand this weekend, like the little ones do in my area. A lemonade stand, kinda, where I’ll offer some handmade art and healing/beauty products — charms, canvases, tiles, topicals, sanitizer spritz bottles — for a couple of hours next weekend.

BYOB. BYOL(emonade). I’ll provide the charms and art. We’ll engage in safe shopping.

My street gets lots of passers-by, and Saturday is farmers market day… This should be fun.

Local to Petaluma or visiting on the 23rd? Follow me on Facebook here or here for the Lemon-Aid stand timing and exact location (should be up by Thursday).

simplify your life

Open up to whatever’s opening up for you.

I’d love to know what’s coming clear for you. Join me on one of this week’s Simplici-Tea calls. Wednesday 4:30 pm PDT. Friday 9:30 am PDT. Zoom info here.

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