What’s waiting for you on the other side of the stillness point?

Sunday, December 21st

New Moon in Capricorn

0º06′ Capricorn
5:36 pm PST, 8:36 pm EST

Sun enters Capricorn

The Solstice
3:03 pm PST, 6:03 pm EST

Right before all the change, take some time in the stillness

Yes, change is coming on Sunday. If you haven’t been feeling the year-end bustle yet, you certainly should be by then. On Sunday, we have another in the series of zero-degree New Moons, the third of four. How have you been moving through these? Have they been landing like clean sweeps? Have the changes taken you by surprise, because you didn’t get any time to feel the energy of the Sun in the sign before the New Moon arrived? That’s how it’s felt for me.The Stillness Point

Before all the changes on Sunday, you have a celestial, spiritual invitation to be still

2014 Completion and ReleaseAccept the invitation. Set aside some time on Saturday the 20th, and reflect. Have you downloaded my 2014 Completion and Release workbook yet? If you haven’t, Saturday is the ideal day to do this stillness point working. If you have gone through the workbook already, bring it with you into your stillness point time and review it, you may get some new and deep insights that didn’t show up the first time you looked at this.

Suggestions for you — what you can do to make the most of this stillness point

  • Take some time alone. I will do this working in darkness, which makes sense here in California, since we have so much darkness right now, and since Sunday is the turn of the wheel, and the beginning of the return of the light. In the Southern Hemisphere, you might want to do this working in bright daylight.
  • Create an altar. Whether inside or outside, all you need is intention and maybe a sacred object or two to make a space sacred.
  • Get quiet. Invite the stillness. Allow the stillness to help you to turn away from the world, from your thoughts, and from your worries. Sink instead into your heart.
  • Take some time to look back at the year that’s almost ended now. Accept what was challenging, give thanks for what worked. And here’s the big magic: give thanks even for what didn’t work out as you hoped it would. The more you can get grateful for everything, the better. On every level. Accept it all, get complete with it, give thanks for it, and release it. Now you are ready to move on.
  • After some time in this deep and sacred reflection, end your stillness time with celebration. Celebrate the New Moon that is coming, and the New Sun, and the New You!!!

Now you are ready to start looking at your goals, intentions, and visions for the year ahead.

I’d love to know how the stillness point lands for you. Please talk to me in the comments below.

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    • Jacqueline, I like the way you put it: the tidal flow. Nice. I’ll be tidepooling again this weekend. I just learned that the best low tides are at the Full and New Moons closest to the Solstices. Who knew? 🙂


    • Hi Teresa, welcome. It’s getting darker and darker here, and I’m feeling the stillness descend. So grateful to connect with you in this quiet and full still time.


  1. I love the idea of the stillness point and sitting with the transition, between moments, reflecting back before looking forward and YES, celebrating. Lovely process, Sue.

    • Minette, thanks! So much love in your comment. You know, in t’ai chi, I learned the form as a series of moves. Start here. End here. Then move here. Chunk. Chunk. Chunk. Then after a few years the lesson changed. It’s not a series of moves, it’s one move — start to finish — with points to move through as you go.

      That’s how I’m feeling this week. The wheel won’t stop on Saturday and start again on Sunday. But the energy is certainly building to that point before the Sun passes the Solstice and the Moon goes dark, when the energy will change again.

      Reflect, look forward, and celebrate. You go, precious one!


  2. Hi Sue, I loved your suggestions for making the most of this time of year! In particular the “stillness point” and the importance of releasing and completing “stuff” from the current year before creating our visions and intentions for the coming year. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Pam

  3. Sue — I love your t’ai chi example. The practice was new to me in 2014 and one I plan to continue in the coming year… I’m making some progress and enjoy that feeling of “one move” with various points. thanks.

    • Andrea, great! Love that it landed for you. I think I have more to say about that, probably in a future blogpost. 40 years of practice, so many powerful lessons!

      Keep practicing.

      Blessed be.

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