What’s your brand’s true essence?

IMG_0225How do you weave your true essence into your brand?

What are the tools you use to make sure that your passion, your heart’s mission and your soul’s purpose are visible, palpable, and crystal clear in your brand — your logo, your website, your marketing copy, your offers and your social media?

In my sacred branding and design and marketing work for my clients, I work with you, using one or more of the exercises in my toolbag that are designed to help you get in touch with and express the true essence of your brand.

I’m adding Spirit Dolls to my Unmask Your Brand toolbag

Today I made my first Spirit Doll (inspired by Joanna Powell Colbert), and she is an expression of many of the things about me that make up the Magnolias West brand.

She’s regal and wild, wise and brave, powerful and just beautiful — which are all core elements of the Magnolias West brand.

I haven’t finished her yet, I have more decorations to add (and maybe a few more feathers!), and then I will officially name her, charge her, and bless her in a sacred ritual. For now, though, I’m pretty sure her name is Essentia.

I’d love to hear what you’ve done to elicit and express your brand’s true essence. Please share your thoughts in the comments.


  • IMG_0226I am so grateful for my beloved art partner, Jennybach. She inspires me to take risks, to step away from that place of second-guessing — when I’m in that place my art looks as stifled as I feel. Here’s Jenny’s doll (also not complete, and gorgeous!)
  • I am grateful to be surviving the long weeks of antibiotic therapy, and just how wretched they make me feel. You haven’t lived until you’ve lived through parasite die-off. Oy!
  • I am grateful for my daughter and the way she reaches out to me when something worries her (this last time was a bump on her neck; she wanted to make sure it wasn’t cancer — I wonder where she gets this hypochondriasis from? :-))
  • I’m grateful for gorgeous early autumn sunshine and warm days that carry a bit of a chill inside the warmth. I know this sounds weird, but it’s how I experience it! The wheel of the year. The darkness in the light. The chill in the warmth.
  • I’m grateful for a gathering with my priestess sisters last night. Huge love and compassion. Yay!

What are you grateful for today, gorgeous? Share with me in the comments below.


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  1. I am grateful for friendship, sisterhood, and inspired collaboration. Working with you stimulates my own creativity and is just a lot of fun. Thank you for introducing me to Spirit Dolls!

    • So much fun! When we get together it becomes so much easier for me to see this space as studio instead of office. I’m grateful for you!! <3

      Love and magic,

    • Elizabeth, thanks! Stay tuned… I’m going to make 13 total, and each one will represent an aspect of me and my brand. Woot!

      Love and blessings,

  2. I rebranded to bring out the true essence in my business, and I’ll be adjusting the niche and tagline soon. I think Multi-Creative Heathen Witch gone Magical Life Coach says a lot about the essence I’m going for 🙂 I’ve added artwork, rituals, readings and other elements to my coaching.

  3. Sue, I find your spirit dolls (brand toolbag) very unique, and thought provoking to use imagination. Thank you for sharing your gratitude list too. 



    • Bonnie, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you!

      Tell me, how did the dolls provoke your imagination? I’d love to hear more!


    • Thanks Kimberly,

      Seeing her name written by you is making me even more certain that I’ve named her correctly.

      Love and light,

  4. Sue, I love the idea of having a visual ’embodiment’ of my brand values. Love your beautiful dolls and I look forward to seeing the rest! Not sure what I’ve done so far to elicit my brand (apart from having an AWESOME website 😉 I’m still getting my head around what a brand really is. I’m learning that being authentic (obviously!) is a really strong value for me, and I’m practicing that in my blog posts and in my replies and comments to other people online. I look forward to hearing more about your branding work in your blogs, so I can learn a bit about what that might mean for me! Thanks Sue! 🙂

    • Ann, just like we did at the beginning of your website design, I lead my clients on a journey of discovery, a journey that helps me elicit just what needs to be expressed.

      This journey process, the questions I ask, and the exercises I offer, continues to develop and grow, as I grow in my understanding.

      I’m watching you express your authenticity and true self in a more and more free and transparent way. It’s so exciting to see how you are living into your beautiful brand!

      Love and more love,

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