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Quiet but important insights become audible when you settle down and listen to the whispers.

When you quiet down enough you can hear the whispers, and experience more clarity and ease as a result.

Whispers. Some call it intuition. Or that still small voice inside. Or your gut. Easy to ignore in the hustle and bustle of most moments. Because they’re whispers.

A Dumb Supper is a way to honor your beloved dead and tune into those whispers as you go. 

The veils between the worlds are thin this time of year, it’s said in my tradition, which makes it a time in which you can more easily connect and commune with your ancestors.

You can find comfort in the connection (whether whispers or shouts). And in the silence, you might be surprised at what you hear. Whispers.

Some of the ways you can create a Dumb Supper are:

  • Set the table elegantly, but with broken crockery.
  • Serve the dinner backwards, starting with dessert.
  • Set up a place for those who have gone before, and fill it (chair, setting, whatever you like) with photos of — and objects dear to —your beloved dead.
  • Invite your ancestors to the room with solemn intention.
  • Once seated, have your meal in silence.

In silence, in the quiet, the whispers are easier to hear.

Here’s what happened at last night’s Dumb Supper:

As I swirled sour cream into the butternut squash soup I saw a beautiful spiral being formed. And in the hush, I felt the presence of my mother and father.

I felt their love and their exasperation (that’s how I’m sure it was them, yo).

I heard their whispers and felt their presence wrap around me as I ate.

The Dumb Supper is traditionally done at or around Day of Dead…

(which is today, which is my birthday, which is a great day for a birthday, I have always thought).

The silence, and the encroaching and increasing darkness potentiate each other. The darkness reminds you to quiet down. And in the silence, the whispers of what may be so important but too easy to ignore in the rush and bustle of your day-to-day come in more easily, more audibly.

Get quiet and listen.

A Dumb Supper and your beloved dead are not your only available sources for those whispers, for your intuition.

Reclaim Your Resilience — whispers

Which is a relief, right? Otherwise you’d be adrift 360 or so days of the year!

As Byron Katie said, “Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.”

Yes, the answers and guidance you seek are already inside you. Yes, And!

It can feel too hard and too big to tap into your inner guidance system on your own.

Shit. It’s hard, sometimes, to even remember you have one!

It’s especially hard when you’re trying to guide the boat through your own personal white waters alone. By yourself. On your own. It’s hard AF.

So, sister, don’t do it alone. Join a tribe of women holding that mirror for each other, pointing out those whispers, those gems of intuition, as they arise.

You can Reclaim Your Resilience. And you don’t have to do it alone.

The Reclaim Your Resilience tribe — a ongoing circle of women helping you listen, helping you settle down, helping you steer your boat.

Miracles abound when women gather:

  • Listening to each other and being heard.
  • Sharing silence, laughter, tears, and profound truths.
  • Holding up wisdom mirrors for each other.

In ongoing groups like this, wild, fierce intimacy happens. It doesn’t take long for this group energy to manifest. What’s more, that group energy adds velocity in a sustainable way. In that intimacy, trust, and truth, the whispers of your own heart and mind are amplified, and you are guided and helped to see, hear, and understand.

And those things you want to do, need to do, burn to do?

You may find yourself doing them!

Join us in the Reclaim Your Resilience tribe.

Katharine Wismer and I are teaming up to create this space.

Here’s a quick summary. I would love for you to hop over to Reclaim Your Resilience website and read more (it’s only one page, so it’ll be a quick read, I promise).

Reclaim Resilience is a tribe. A community. An ongoing deep and juicy place to look at resilience. In your life. In your work. In everything:

  • We meet twice a month for 90 minutes on Zoom in confidential safe space. All calls will be recorded.
  • We’ve created a private and moderated Facebook group so the conversation can go as deep as you want (and where all the recordings of the calls will be posted for future reference).
  • The cost is $50/month; and you can stay as long as you like. Please do not let the state of your bank account stop you. If you’re interested, reach out, let’s talk. You can use the form on the Connect page. Or send me an email. Or call or text me at 510-504-6355.


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  1. I think I need to do this, Sue. To sit down with some broken crockery and invite my people to join me. The thought actually chokes me up, so I know it would be powerful. What a beautiful idea.

  2. For me the veil parts at times a little too easily. They kind of pop in and out as they choose. so I don’t think I need to invite them to dinner. Nevertheless, I love your idea of miracles when women gather. The intuition flows much easier with them. With men, you have to explain too much.

    • Joyce, I love having your input. Sometimes this path I’m on feels kinda rocky, even lonely. Glad to know when I’ve touched another woman’s heart. Thank you.

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