Why intuition could be your best business tool

[This is a guest post from the beautiful Emmanuelle Lambert] 

As far as I can remember, I have always been a left brainer. Logic, practicality, organization were my mottos. I am the Queen of Lists: goals, to-dos, you name it. Don’t get me wrong: I am not saying there is anything wrong with being organized and having systems in place, especially when you run a beautiful and soulful business.

What I am saying though is that these are not enough. These days, many people, you, me, are turning to entrepreneurship or solopreneuship. You read all the business books in the world, every business blog that will tell you how to make money in ten seconds, and what you need to have in order to make it, whatever that means. That said, in times like these, you cannot rely solely on facts and figures, on processes and logic.

Logic and Intuition go Hand in Hand

Call it your inner guidance system, or your gut feeling, your intuition will tell you what to do. Once you know what to do and what your offerings will be, this is when the logic side will help you create and put into shape what you want to offer. Your intuition gives you the contents, your systems will help you outline it, break it down and make it available so that people have no problem finding you and respond to what you offer. Very often we have two internal compasses: one located in the mind, one located in the gut and heart. We tend to listen a lot to the mind, when we should also pay attention to what our heart is telling us. Running a business, or making any decision for that matter, boils down to one thing : doing what feels right and doing it beautifully. The question is, how to we listen to that voice from the heart ?

Making a Decision from the Heart

A couple of months ago I was offered to teach a weekly yoga class at a gym. I knew I was going to quit my day job soon and I needed to make my work of teaching yoga and coaching sustainable. I also wanted my activity to nourish me, not drain me, so I would in turn be the best teacher and coach I could be for the people who would — hopefully ! — come to me. But this class ? On Sundays. And I had figured out already that I would not work on Sundays so I could spend time with my boyfriend and our kitty.

On the other end, I knew the people, I had already taught there, and I enjoyed it. My mind told me that it was regular income, even if it was not much, it was still something. My heart told me that Sundays were rest days and I longed to stay home with my loves. Decisions decisions! I turned the offer down, and I have no regrets about it, even though I have quit ze day job! Let’s say you have a decision to make. You will likely have two ways to answer: the way you think about it, and the way you feel about it. You want to go for what you feel, in your body, about that decision you have to make.

How to Tap Into Your Intuition

Author and FireStater Danielle LaPorte has an easy and punchy way of saying it: “If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes!’, then it’s a ‘No’.” I quite like it, and use it often to make business-related decisions, as I did for the Sunday class. But how do you know that it’s a “Hell Yes !”?

Here are two techniques that you could use to help you figure out what to do.

First, think about a decision you have to make. Close your eyes, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor, and take a few deep breaths. You are connecting directly to your body, and the sensations in your body. Now, imagine you have made your decision: how does it feel ? Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or on the contrary relieved and lighter ? What is it that you want to be feeling when your decision is finally made? I wouldn’t go for stress and overwhelm, but then again that’s my personal opinion. Another way to find out what you need to do is directly using the body as a compass: stand up, again feet firmly anchored in the ground. Imagine you have made this decision: is your body leaning forward or back? If forward: it’s a yes. If back: it’s a clear now. You can of course combine the two techniques to find out if that idea you have just had is the right thing for you to do, or make any decision, in any area of your life. 

How do you use your intuition in your life, for your beautiful business or for your personal life? How do you tap into it? Please share in the comments.

Photo credit: The image above was found in this blog article about intuition.

Emmanuelle Lambert is passionate about helping women design their life so they can make a bigger difference in the world and create the life they want to live while taking care of themselves. A former confused corporate worker, now a life coach, yoga teacher and author, she encourages her wonderful clients and students to tap into their inner power to achieve their dreams. Emmanuelle is also French (bonjour!), a self care warrior / dark chocolate lover and the proud slave of Lulu the Krazy Kitty. Visit Emmanuelle’s website at www.emmalambert.com or connect on Facebook and Twitter.


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