Why you gotta keep showing up, and offering your truth, even if it seems like no one’s listening

bepatientDo you ever get so frustrated that you begin to think that you’re  doing it wrong, and that you should just give up?

  • Do you wonder if anyone is reading what you write? And worry that you’re not getting enough new subscribers, the ones you want, members of your ideal-client tribe?
  • Do you share generously and consistently on social media and wonder why your followers and likes aren’t growing?
  • Do you put your gifts out as beautiful offers and wonder if anyone will ever sign up for your teachings, and if your business will survive and thrive?

Do you begin to wonder if you should just give up? You can’t, you just can’t, and I’ll tell you why.

The story that follows will illustrate why your only choice is to just keep showing up, transparently, authentically, passionately, from your heart. Because you don’t get to know when the right and perfect person will remember the right and perfect thing you wrote or said, and take the right and perfect action, the one you intended in the first place.

[You may wonder how the following story applies to your business. It does, precious. The lesson in this story is not only about your business, it applies to your relationships, your wellness practices, your spirituality, your everything.]

I raised my daughter through some incredibly difficult years. As she became an older teenager and started looking for jobs, I passed on to her the things I thought she needed to learn, things I knew would be helpful life skills, things like:

  • Dress nicely when you go out and look for work
  • Fill out the applications carefully and neatly
  • Ask to speak to the manager
  • Go back, or call back, a few days later…Follow up!

My daughter listened to me—barely—rolled her eyes, and responded the same way every time:

  • M-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m-m-m-—it’s not like it was when you were younger, you have no clue what it’s like now
  • There aren’t any jobs, there just aren’t
  • You don’t know what you’re talking about

…followed by a slammed door, or a slammed-down phone (and I’m sparing you the curse words).

releaseI would leave these conversations so downhearted, so discouraged. I would pray,  release her and release some more, asking the Divine to take her, take her, guide her, teach her what she needs to learn, what she needs to live a good life, do for her what it seemed I so clearly couldn’t do.

I would lean on my girlfriends, and my sister, for compassion. Even if they couldn’t relate, or really understand, they could still love me through this.

This went on, and on, and on…

And then one day my sister called me, made sure I was sitting down, and then told me this:

I called your daughter to say hi, and asked how she was. She told me that her boyfriend’s nephew was living with them, and was having trouble finding work. And how it was driving her crazy, because no matter how often she told him how he should dress nicely when he went out job-hunting, how he should fill out the applications neatly, how he should talk to the manager, and go back and follow up… No matter how much she told him, he just wouldn’t listen!

What a powerful healing! As of that moment, I stopped worrying about whether or not my kid was listening to me. I stopped flinching when she’d fling negativity at my advice. I stopped feeling discouraged and downhearted and all what’s-the-use, and instead was able to move in and out of sharing lessons with her, knowing that no matter what she’d say, or slam, there was a sponge-y part inside of her soaking up what she needed to learn.

The lesson

I learned not to stop. To tell the truth. To share from my heart what I have been gifted to know. I apply this lesson to my blogging, to my newsletter writing, to my offers of heart-based branding and web design, to my social networking, to all of it. MY JOB: Show up, share my truth, my heart, my passion. NOT MY JOB: the results, the timeline of the results, the quantity, any of that part. That’s the job of the Divine, and to my eyes, she’s doing a damned good job.

I’d love to hear what lessons you’ve learned about continuing to show up, and how you apply them. Please jump into the conversation in the comments.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Thursday 4/25 12:57 p.m. Pacific, 5º Scorpio

Some of the historical and cultural names for this April Full Moon are Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Seed Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Peony Moon, Wildcat Moon, Growing Moon, Awakening Moon, Planters Moon, and Wind Moon. It’s that time, in the northern hemisphere where I live, of planting, sprouting and beautiful colorful growth.

And with the Scorpio Full Moon, we get reminded to expect the unexpected. With the Sun and Mars in Taurus opposite the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio, the likely themes for this Full Moon are release, acceptance and delayed gratification. Not very pretty, but it may help a bit to know in advance.

A couple of things you might notice:

  • Any rash behavior or poorly thought-out decisions might result in an immediate dope-slap from the universe
  • You will find yourself letting go of relationships and situations that no longer serve you, but less feeling like you’re in control of the decision and more feeling like—bam!—the decision was just made for you
  • Your bullshit detector is set on high alert, and the only kind of communication that you can stand giving—or receiving—is grounded in authenticity and transparency

Resisting change might really pinch this week, so instead, embrace Scorpio’s transformational (yes, as in transform or die) push and blaze that new trail, start that new thing, make that call you’ve been afraid to make. And take off your shoes, wiggle your toes in the sun-warmed dirt, or just fling yourself to the sand at the beach. Connect with Mother Earth, let her embrace ground you as you move through this powerful week.

What are you releasing, and what are you beginning during this Full Moon? Please share in the comments. I love to hear from you!


A word of gratitude

It’s a long blogpost today, so I’ll just wind up by saying I’m grateful for every one of you that reads this. And even more grateful when you take the time to join the conversation by leaving a comment, and when you share this story with your own tribe. In other words, I am grateful for you!


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  1. So timely for me, Sue. On the precipice of going out on a limb, wondering it ever is going to feel like it matters in a big way (several areas of my life), this was the message to hear.

    And “dope slap from the Universe” just made me giggle, so thank you for that.

    Best of days to you,


    • Hi Christi, thanks for being out there on the limb—good thing it’s a sturdy tree!—and sharing that with me.

      Love and blessings,

  2. Sue, just what I needed to hear. As I go through the last leg of my journey one my way to full recovery from my stroke, I am being reminded that it is a time for complete surrender to the Divine, to let Spirit do its work on me.

    I am doing my part, which is really hard for me to let go since I have always been driven to do everything myself (the masculine part of me wanting to control everything). It is time for me to move into the feminine mindset of surrender.

    This is what my stroke journey has been all about…moving from the masculine to the feminine, and finally to unity. What a journey it has been!

    • Erica, how beautiful. Letting Spirit do her work on you.

      May you be blessed with healing, ease and full recovery.

      My heart to yours,

  3. I know personally that I have been grateful for something someone has written or shared, but didn’t leave a comment or say anything. I am just now starting to join in the conversation in comments, realizing the power in that.

    But, I agree, it is important to keep sharing because even if it seems like no one is reading or listening, you might be changing the life of even just one silent visitor.

    • Shana, thanks for your kind words. And welcome to the conversation, hope to hear more from you as time goes by…

      Love and blessings,

    • Hi Mary!

      So glad it landed at the right moment for you. May your frustration ease.

      Love and light,

  4. How timely, as several short-term projects finish up for me, to remember that the offering is my job, not the results!

    • Melissa, exactly! I hear it a million different ways, and need to keep hearing it. Slow learner, me. 🙂


  5. This is so true – sometimes hard to do but it helps to know there are other pilgrims out there continuing to show up alongsideside us! Thanks Sue for a timely reminder x

  6. Dear Sue, I love the story about your daughter. It is great that you reclaimed your own power and just started speaking the truth from your heart. What a lesson for us all.

    Question: Is the Scorpio moon this week or on May 25( the date said May but article said April)? You gave such great advice that I want to be ready at the right time! Love, Gail  

    • Imperfect action strikes again!

      Gail, thanks so much for pointing out the typo. Yes it is the April Full Moon, yes it is this Thursday, and I am so grateful to you for helping me fix this.

      About to send another copy of the newsletter out. Love these opportunities to be humble.

      Love and light,

  7. Hi honey, nice story. I love being part of your history…and an important lesson.

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Anna use our words years after we have said them, when I thought she was ignoring me. It’s a powerful experience and reminds me that it has also happened when my words haven’t been the kindest or most thoughtful.

    It comes back in all directions.

    • Sistah, Ouch. And yes. very important to remember that it comes back in all directions. Just for this moment, though, I’m hanging out in the goodness.

      Love you to pieces,

  8. What a beautiful, appropriate lesson, Sue; thank you for sharing! 

    I’ve been struggling with finding the courage to speak my truth and continue in the face of adversity and fear, and this reminder was exactly what I needed. 

    Sometimes it’s hard to hand things over to Spirit to handle, but I think we all need to do it more often! 

    Big hugs, 


    • Kay,

      Thanks so much for speaking your truth. And for continuing in the face of… well, everything! The good and the not-so-good.

      May you be enfolded in the arms of the Divine with every step you take.


  9. Lovely story & beautiful reminder. I do lots of social media & blogs and think no-one is reading but then I come across people & they say ‘loved your blog/ posts’. I learnt that sometimes not everyone hits like or comments etc but it doesn’t mean I’m not being heard.

    P.S. love your comment about the full moon & the bullshit detector! Yip! H x

    • Helen, Glad you chimed in. Glad you’re putting yourself out there. It’s true, I met my joint venture partner on Twitter, because she commented on something I wrote, said something really nice about my work, and I followed up on the conversation.

      Keep writing/blogging/commenting!


  10. Hi Sue, This post really made me laugh out loud I so relate, on lots of levels. Loved your daughter’s response, just shows how kids really do listen!! It inspired me to keep going with my own work even though it seems like I am not being heard.

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Sue,

    You commented on my site, so I followed you on over here and this was just the message I needed. I keep retooling my message and I am excited about sharing, but the reality of the commitment is huge. And, of course, all of this retooling means that I lose a little traction. But getting the right heartfelt message out is important. You give me energy to move forward!

    By the way, I have so much sympathy for young people who are job hunting. It is a different world. I happily support young alumni from my college with resume retooling, ideas for finding the right soul-sustaining work, and informational interviewing. If you think your daughter would benefit from talking to me, send her my way.


  12. Well said Sue.  My story with this is that I was wondering whether anyone was even reading what I wrote, and wondering whether to just stop doing my weekly ezine…but when I missed a couple of weeks, I got e-mails from several people asking if I was ok.  They read every week, but because I ain’t psychic, I didn’t know!  Like you say, my job is to just show up and share my stuff.  And trust that the ears that need it are hearing it, even if they’re not blowing smoke up my butt!  x

  13. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing issues wth your site.
    It looks like some of the text within your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please
    comment and let me know if this is happening to thm too?
    This could be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this happen previously.
    Appreciate it

    • Kristina, of course I checked, and all three browsers I use (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) are displaying just fine.

      Thanks for the heads-up. Sorry you’re having this problem.

      Love and gratitude,

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