In the stillness: winter’s whispers and new year bring changes

What do you hear in winter’s whispers?

What do you learn in the stillness?

The Wheel has turned, and we have passed through the Solstice. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the light is beginning to return. I am beginning to see/feel the angle of the light rising and the day incrementally lengthening, which for me is always a relief, a loosening, an opening.

Warning: some gritty business truths ahead. This article might be useful for you to read if you could benefit from knowing that you’re not alone navigating a bumpy business experience. But — warning fair (yes, I’m quoting the Emcee from Cabaret) — you might want to stop reading now if you’d really rather not hear that sometimes shit gets really difficult.

Winter's whispers

There have been a lot of changes that came to light for me through this Solstice time, in the stillness and in the darkness.

In the darkness, I got some really clear inspiration and ideas. Winter’s whispers have been loud and clear for me this year. Okay, ready? Here comes the hard truths:

I gotta say right here that I’m grateful to be this old, to have been around the block a time or ten in my life. If this wasn’t the case, these changes that I’m about to share with you might have depressed the hell out of me. Because these changes are major. Because if I didn’t have perspective that age and experience give me, I might get really upset about how little the efforts I put into my business in 2016 paid off financially.

There have been tangible payoffs (just not the kind that come in checks and PayPal payments). I have a beautiful new website. And I am free from thinking that I need to go one inch down the website-redo road again — not for a long time. This website will happily and easily contain all the changes that I am making as we move into the new year together.

Thank the Goddess I know how to laugh at myself.

Here’s some truth: 2016 began with me realizing that I needed to redo my website in order to make it responsive. I was way late in doing this, and I finally moved to begin the redo because I saw that search rankings were now tied to having a mobile-friendly site. Since I had to remake the website, I decided a redesign was in order. Good on me. I upleveled the look and feel of the Magnolias West visual brand. It’s gorgeous. It’s my third iteration of the Magnolias West look and feel and the best ever IMO.

I didn’t stop there. Oh no, a visual redo was definitely not enough. I decided to head-to-toe revisit, rethink, and redo the Magnolias West brand story as well — with help. I had not been having the kind of sustainable success I want and need from my business. So in I dove. Head to toe. I took myself on my own Priestess Your Brand journey. I revisited, redefined, renamed what I do, why I do it, for whom, what it looks like, what I sell, and how much I charge.

I stepped more fully than ever before into my Priestess self in business, and named my offers Priestess Your Life, Priestess Your Brand, and Priestess Your Website. That was a risky move but I found it to be a good risk to take. I had decided to get really clear about the woman I’m here to serve, and she’s a fan of the divine feminine, of the Wheel of the Year, of living in tune with the seasons, of paying attention to the Moon and her cycles. That’s my ideal client.

Well, wait. Am I lying?

I just said that stepping into the concept and stance of being a Business Priestess was a worthwhile risk to take, but is a risk a good one to have taken if it didn’t convert a single sale? Hmmm. Not sure. But instead of dwelling in the question, I’m moving on. See, what happened was that I finished my own rebrand and then decided that the first of my offers that I would launch was Priestess Your Brand (PYB). I did a launch, I ran a challenge, I put all the energy I have into offering PYB. No takers.

Sometimes winter’s whispers come from unexpected places, and sometimes they’re not so whisper-y. Sometimes they are in your face, out loud.

I bought myself a reading, on a whim, and the main message that shouted out at me was twofold: Stop pushing so hard, and do what comes easy!

I’ve taken this to heart, and my theme and word for 2017 is Ease/Easy.

In this ease, and mindful of what I love to do and what comes naturally, I’m making some changes.

  • I’m changing up the blog schedule. Starting next week, I will blog a few days before each New and Full Moon. This ties in to the schedule for the New and Full Moon virtual retreat calls I’ll be offering each month. All details for these are coming next week. It’ll be a membership: $36 a month will get you the two calls and membership in a private facebook group where we can discuss the theme of each call and support each other as we go. Full Moon calls will focus on prosperity and money issues, and New Moon calls will focus on going inside, setting intentions, and releasing what we must release so we can move on.Wheel of the Year
  • In this season of year-end resolutions, I’m offering A Seasonal Walk with Your Soul. Based on the Solar Wheel of the Year, this gives you an opportunity to do a review of the season(s) past, release what is holding your back, and set intentions for the season coming — all guided by me in two deep and resonant 1:1 calls with an intentional walk in nature in between. This kind of work can be done more than once a year, and should. Because I want this to be accessible, it will be on a pay-what-you-can/want basis. [edited with the link to the Seasonal Walk with Your Soul — come do this with me!]. [The Walk with Your Soul is almost ready, and I will come back and add the link just as soon as I can make PayPal my bitch and make the recalcitrant Buy button work.]
  • If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to work with me, whether or not you are focused on your own business, now is a really good time. I will still do PYB, and PYW. But now I’m focusing on and will be talking more about my work as a holistic mentor and priestess. I am doing 1:1 coaching (that’s Priestess Your Life, in case you’re ready to have a look). And I’m bringing out the Moon calls and the Soul Walks. There will be more, I’m sure. I think I’m going to offer oracle readings as well.

Thanks for walking this path with me.

I bet I’m not alone being inspired by winter’s whispers, by the messages that are available in the still darkness. Tell me, what’s being whispered to you? What changes are you making? Let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. We did a wonderful Winter Solstice ritual about going within, as the sap does in trees, during this time of dormant season. Ah, how enlightening!
    I love this, Sue, and look forward to your New and Full Moon posts!

    • Betty, Let me know what is coming up/through next for you. And of course, if a rebrand is on the agenda, let me know how I can help.

      Blessed be.

  2. Yes! Isn’t it amazing how during our darkest hour we see the light more clearly.? With the fast paced life we live and the constant “multi-tasking and cyber noise” a quiet moment is a treat not to be taken for granted. Rather take advantage of it and listen. Love your inspiring blog!

    • Kathleen, thanks so much for your encouraging words. And for letting me know I’m not the only one taking a breath now and again into the stillness.

  3. Yes to finding places of ease, Sue!

    This past while has been very full for me in work and life, and one of my go-to mantras has been: “Keep it simple. Where can I make this easier?” In the process, I discovered that many of my clients are seeking the same thing…and just needed *permission*.

    Sending support and blessings for a year (and beyond) full of grace and ease.

    • Dana, thanks for adding that “and beyond.” I like the idea that I can keep “ease/easy” as foundational parts of how I roll for a long time to come.

  4. You’ve done a marvelous job of rebranding Sue and I believe in your ability to achieve your desired outcome. Keep evaluating and experimenting – I LOVE experimenting! Speaking of posting schedules – last fall I experimented with going to 2 posts a week. I saw a sharp increase in traffic – yea! On the downside, I was spending all my time writing and promoting posts instead of working on my courses – bummer. My point is what you’ve already learned, it all comes down to priorities and the vision for what you want your life to be about. You’re getting there, try to enjoy the detours cause sometimes we discover the most amazing things on places we never intended to go!

    • Marquita, thank you! Your words are so supportive as I move through implementing these changes. I am very grateful, sister.

  5. I love the look and feel of your new website and your new word for 2017. Opening up to receive with ease and grace seem to me to be the essence of the divine feminine. May you know the wonderful feeling of being in that divine feminine flow and enjoy a beauteous and bountiful 2017.

    • Thanks, Julia! I am so so glad you get that Divine Feminine spirit/vibe from my words. Because that’s what it’s all about in everything I’m doing. Yay!

  6. What I love about this is that you’ve taken big steps to own your truth. Divine alignment comes when we step into ease. I’m glad I got to witness your un-cocooning and transformation. You’ve done some amazing work this past year, and I know 2017 will be even better for you as you draw in more of your right clients. 🙂

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