Yes, there can be gratitude, even when it’s gratitude that things aren’t worse…

I’m grateful. I’m grateful. I’m grateful.

Sometimes gratitude looks like this:

  • I’m grateful I’m not having surgery without anesthesia right now.
  • I’m grateful I’m not covered in honey and staked to an anthill.
  • I’m grateful I haven’t alienated even more people this week.

Yes, it’s been that kind of a week.

frustrationJust sayin’, this Full Moon in Scorpio kicked my Scorpio ass.

  • On Wednesday I dropped my iPad and shattered the glass big time. To the point that bits of glass were falling out all over the place. Dented frame. Everything.
  • On Thursday I couldn’t deposit a check from a client, because, despite my best efforts and clear instructions, the check was made payable to my business name, and my bank account is not a business account.
  • Today, the new website we just launched for a client was a little bit broken, and three WordPress experts at my Meetup group didn’t know how to fix it.

And I found gratitude anyway.

  • I’m grateful that I had the money to replace my iPad.
  • I’m grateful that I spent five minutes in discernment:

Do I really need to replace the iPad? I could live without it, right? [five minutes tick by…] Uh, no. Just like I would replace a busted tire on my car, I will replace this essential technology. Please don’t judge me too harshly. I know, in fact, that there are people in the world that would have seen the blessing and opportunity to lighten their gadget load. Not me.

  • I’m grateful that after pounding my fridge in frustration about the undepositable check that I remembered, first, that I had a heart; second, that I could turn away from my problems and sink into my heart, and third, that I could ask that powerful question, “Is there room for love, even here?”
  • I’m grateful that that moment of surrender and meditation allowed a release of stress and an influx of peace and acceptance.
  • I’m grateful that I looked for and found the middle place of both standing for what is needed and being kind and appreciative in getting my support team to complete a project. I call this the Sovereignty Sandwich: appreciate and acknowledge, explain and insist on what’s needed, appreciate and acknowledge again. Thanks to Yollana Shore for teaching me this important tool!
  • I’m grateful for launching two websites for two beautiful clients this week: OmniConsultants and Happy Being You.
  • I’m grateful that my web developer knew how to fix the seemingly unfixable problem.
  • I’m grateful for the joint venture I’m developing—a series of teleclasses that launch in October. Eek!
  • I’m grateful that it’s Friday evening and I am done with a prodigious amount of work. This last month has been extremely intense!
I found this perfect image on Software Sourcery’s website

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  1. Sue, isn’t wonderful when you think there can’t be anything to be grateful for, of course there is! specially love the visual of honey and anthills, ouch! Brilliant!

    Hope you enjoy the new ipad 😉


    • Julie, I’ve been using that anthill image as a way to talk myself back into gratitude for years now. Ouch! is right.

      And I am enjoying the new iPad; the upside being the battery is new and so it doesn’t run out of juice that fast.

      Blessings and love,

  2. Sorry you had a hard time! I thoroughly admire how you managed to express your frustration and STILL find it in you to be grateful. That’s all you need  for all those obstacles to resolve themselves.

    Maybe it’s time to add your business name to your account? People are obviously connecting you with your business, which is great!

    Much love xx

    • Sibylle, thanks for the gentle suggestion. Still keeping admin costs down as I can, which is why my biz name doesn’t appear on my bank account. Different account type, with additional fees.

      Still, it will be a change I will be happy to make, when the time is right. I like that idea of associating my business name with the name on my checks!

      Love and light,

  3. I’m grateful that I have a place to live right now, that I’m paying for. Nobody is expecting anything of me except regular roommate respect. I’m grateful to have good friends, even if they seem unavailable. You ask enough, you remain patient and present in love, you will spend time with those that matter. I”m grateful for the ability to dream. Literally even more than figuratively. I find, my dreams point me in a way that may be forgotten, not thoroughly discovered before and/or provide fascinating research for hobbies.

    • Karisini, thanks so much for commenting. I like how you’re calling in the ones that matter, in such a good way.


  4. Yes, Sue ..I had the same kind of full moon, scorpio eclipse week!  The IRS flat lined by bank account on Thursday, from back taxes (2003). I thought we were good, as I  had been in touch with them regularly. That was May’ s rent/bill money, and  the money for my website.  I’m grateful I am now complete with the IRS  ( I think ), and grateful for the new clients I manifested the day after.

    • Oh Shera, that sucks! Glad to hear it’s complete…! And welcome the new clients!

      Love and light,

  5. Oh this made me laugh – I know those days/weeks so well.  That’s the beauty of gratitude/appreciation isn’t it?  There’s always something, even in the most frustrating of times, to be grateful for!  x

  6. Hi Sue, this post was so vivid (esp the surgery-without-anaesthetic and the anthill images). It really made your (exasperating) week come alive for me! I’m glad that you had the presence-of-mind to share your experience, and be of service to us in the process.



    • Erin, thanks so much! It’s so wonderful that transparency produces such beautiful connections. So glad you find it useful.

      Love and light,

  7. I loved this post! so great seeing how you bring in gratitude in every situation you could find. If we could all take on this attitude the world would be a better place. Throw in your humor and it’s win, win. Thanks for the lift!

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