I’ll be the designer — you get to be the diva

My manifesto as a designer — You get to be the diva

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You get to be the diva

I support you in being the diva in our collaborations

I get how hard it can be to claim sovereignty over your brand. You are in business, in your practice, because you are driven to be of service. You give your all maybe not all, but you give a lot — of your time, your energy, and your talent — to your own clients. You are passionate and committed to your clients’ success.

It’s no wonder, then, that when it comes time to hire a designer to develop your brand, to craft the logo that will visually represent your passion and purpose, to help you craft a website that will be the inviting entry point for your own ideal clients, that you may find it hard to step into making yourself a priority, to now being in service to your own beautiful self.

This is not weird. This doesn’t only happen to heart-centered healers and changemakers.

There are plenty of designers who inhabit the diva space, who claim ownership of what your brand should look like, and don’t leave much room in the conversation for your vision. Designers like this make it very uncomfortable for you when you state your wishes and your opinions. One result of this pervasive mindset about designers is that you as a client can feel intimidated, and even shamed, when it comes to taking a stand for what your heart and soul are craving to express — in the visuals, in the words, and in the flow of your website.

I’m working with a coach right now on her brand and logo, and just finished a website for an author-teacher-healer. During both of these collaborations, I heard my client requesting changes in a timid way, asking me permission to state her wishes and to express what she really wanted to see developed. One of them said “Forgive me if I come across as interfering with your creative space.” And I got it.

I’m working out how I want to express this (yes, thank you for helping me beta test this manifesto, beloved), and you’ll soon see this reflected in everything I write in my Unmask Your Brand pages. I am making this crystal clear: We are in collaboration. Your voice and input are critical to the process and to the success of the final product. You get to be the diva.

  • I will lead you through an Unmask Your Brand process to get us started, which helps me get many important ingredients from your conscious and unconscious to throw into my design cauldron. That unmasking process is just the beginning, though. As we proceed from the initial concepts through refinement and revisions, more is always revealed; you’ll probably have ideas and thoughts that weren’t available to you at the beginning — it’s an unfoldment. The more I get from you as we go, the better the results will be. Talk to me!
  • I may in fact get so inspired by a design idea that I will argue its merits with you. But I always remember whose brand it is, and once I have my say, I always always make sure your take on it — your vision — is the one you go home with.
  • My goal is for your brand to represent your passion, mission, and purpose in a beautiful, elegant, and compelling way. I am honored to help you create a visual brand that lands — and sticks — in the eye, mind, and heart of your ideal client. There is no way I can accomplish this if I am only engaging myself in the conversation. And there is every chance I can go a darned good job of it when we are in sacred, trust-based collaboration.

How has it gone for you when you’ve hired a designer? What has made you feel fully expressed and heard? What has left you feeling like you just bought something that doesn’t really match your vision? I’d love to hear what you’ve experienced; talk to me in the comments.

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  1. Wow! That’s actually an amazing observation. It’s so true for so many heart-centered people. They’re *nice.* Too nice. To the point where they don’t want to step on toes, even if it means giving up a part of their genius even in a space where they should own it. So part of your genius is allowing them to own it. Good for you for recognizing that! This is actually not just a blog post, but a cornerstone of your business, and I hope you recognize that. . .

    • Jessica, yes, you are so right. It’s a cornerstone of the way I work, and something I had never yet put into words.

      I’m really enjoying getting really clear about celebrating my clients getting exactly what they need and want and deserve in their branding, logo, and website.


    • Christian Marie, welcome here.

      Thanks for your kind comment. I’m really excited about making this a clear commitment.


  2. AWESOME manifesto, Sue Kearney. I think this is just the permission and support that so many women need. It’s amazing you are giving this kind of inner empowerment even as a designer (who makes outer things beautiful)!

    • Stephanie, thanks. I’m really excited to be bringing this conversation to the surface. It feels really important to do this.

      Love and light,

  3. Oh. My. Goodness! I want to be the diva! I’ve just added you to the top of my resource list Sue. I think this is one of the most clever marketing approaches I’ve seen in a long time. Well done!

    • Sheila, Thank you! Clever maybe. For me it’s more about authenticity and transparency. When my marketing reveals my true heart, I feel like I’ve succeeded in a big way.

      I’m so happy to be atop your resource list. Let me know when you’d like to have a conversation about what’s next for you and your beautiful brand.


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