Your theme for 2016 — are you open to receive?

Sometimes the theme or focus for the year ahead comes from unexpected places or prompts —  Are you open to receive?

I decided early on as we ramped up to the Solstice that I would not choose a theme or focus for 2016.

I’ve done this before, and each time I did I found myself forgetting my theme / focus by the time February rolled around. So no, I wasn’t going to do this divination this year. Instead I did my Completion, Release, and Intention Workbook that I sent out to all my subscribers (still time! — you can get yours here if you haven’t already) and I settled into healing from the flu and then from laryngitis which turned into pneumonia.

But sometimes life and the Divine have other ideas.

Some pretty unexpected threads wove together creating the tapestry of backstory for my journey of discovery and divination. Here’s what happened:

The first thread in the tapestry:

One of the members of my healing team, a brilliant woo woo md, told me to start working on my power chakra. The context was my chronic digestive problems and the point was, I think, to stand sovereign in my own power around my health. I revisited my favorite chakras meditation, giving extra time and attention to the power chakra.

The next thread:

I read Catherine Buck Clarenbach’s post, in which she asked these questions, inviting her readers and me to ponder and answer any time from three days before the Solstice to the upcoming Full Moon:

  • What happens when you listen intently for your own wisdom?
  • If you practice divination, what does it have to say to you at this time?
  • As we pass the Solstice, what are the powers, the strengths you can imagine taking up again? What have you laid down in the past, what has rested, that now can be renewed?
  • Or what are new powers, powers of age or circumstance, you didn’t have before, that you hear turning over in the close and holy darkness of Earth?

Catherine’s questions lingered with me…. I didn’t come up with any answers, but the questions themselves were resonant.

And then this final thread wove itself into the tapestry:

I got sick again, this time with pneumonia, and a very lovely friend suggested we come up with questions around which we could each do some art. When she made her suggestion, I came up with my own version of Solstice/Full Moon questions, riffing on Catherine’s prompts I had read a few days before:

  • As we move into and through solstice, what is lighting up your heart? Or…
  • What strength and power is building in you to be expressed with the return of the light?

Which brings us to now. Above you can see the image I created.

Oh wait, even the image has a backstory.

The piece of paper I pulled out had some notes written years ago when I was in deep despair having finally realized that the $22,000 I had invested with yes-too-good-to-be-true scammers was gone gone gone never to return. The bit on the bottom is a third-person suicidal poem, and I guess that face is supposed to be my imagined corpse. I was going to turn the page over to paint on a clean white sheet, but felt driven to paint right over that deep despair.

The piece turned out to be a representation of my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chakras:

  • passion and health
  • power
  • love

I used colors that represent those chakras to me and painted hearts and flames.

And then I realized I had come up with my theme for 2016 (bypassing my mind and plans entirely). Passion, power, and love.

What have you been discerning without even trying? What is coming to you?

If nothing yet, spend some quiet time during the rest of this week — I’m guessing this invitation will stay wide open until at least Sunday (two days after the Full Moon) — and just ask.

Ask with art supplies. Ask with a candle. Ask with your camera. Just ask. You might be as surprised as I was to find that your theme and focus are already in your heart and ready for you to open to them.

Let me know what arises in your heart. A theme for the year? A theme for simply this turning of the wheel? I’d love to know; talk to me in the comments. Solstice blessings.

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    • Tae, thank you! And yes the healing from painting right on top of the despair from years ago has been huge and wonderful.

      Solstice blessings,

  1. Sue, I love your painting and love particularly that you painted over the notes from that bad investment. A wonderfully healing practice.
    I saw the full moon sinking into the ocean at 5 this morning and then had powerful anxiety dreams. I’ll think about your questions today.

    • Hello Barbara, and welcome here! Thanks for your loving comment. Full Moon setting in the ocean — so special! I rarely get to see that; last time I tried, there was a big fogbank on the horizon.

      Let me know how you go with the questions.

      Huge love and gratitude,

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