The zero point — recalibrate, renew, restart

The New Moon in Sagittarius is at zero degrees

It’s the second zero point New Moon in a series of four — let’s look at this; what can we learn?

New Moon at the zero point — recalibrate, renew, restart

New Moon in Sagittarius

Saturday, November 22nd
0º07′ Sagittarius
4:32 am PST, 7:32 am EST

They say that zero degrees of any sign is a jumping-off place.

Look, I don’t wait for the stars and planets to align to inspire me to recalibrate, renew, or restart, and I don’t advise you to do that either. You get to make those transformative, empowering, and liberating decisions in any moment, in any breath.

Paradoxically (on the surface, anyway), as a woman who lives connected to and respectful of the cycles, of the wheel of the Moon and of the seasons, I take each New and Full Moon as a special and sacred invitation to stop and connect with the energy of the season and the planetary positions and alignments. I consider each Dark Moon a perfect time to intentionally go inside, to go deep, and to do the clearing and releasing work that will let me set achievable intentions for this next lunation (Moon cycle).

Life hands out opportunities to claim sovereignty over how you react to the challenges, surprises, joys, and tragedies that can come at any time. In your business life, too, right? In the face of the unexpected, or the seemingly unendurable, how amazing does it feel when you plant your flag in faith, and take the time to stand in the zero point? They taught me in 12-step recovery that I can start my day over again as often as I need to do so. A zero point New Moon (and this one is the second in a series of four, so we will get to look at this for a while) invites you to take a quiet moment and ask:

  • What do I need to do to restore balance and harmony (recalibrate)?
  • What commitment can I make now (or make again) that will help me reconnect to the joy and inspiration that got me here in the first place (renew)?
  • What small action can I take today to get my stalled project back into action (restart)?

Do the release work, set the intentions, and allow these zero point New Moons to usher you into new and more grounded physical, emotional, and spiritual realities.

As above, so belowA note about Sagittarius’s influence here.

First, relief, right? On the 22nd, the day of the Dark Moon, the Sun also enters Sagittarius, which for many will feel like an easing after Scorpio’s intensity. Sagittarius and its fire is ready to go!, to get out, to do, to shine. Feel your feet on the ground, keep reaching for the stars, and enjoy this time between the New Moon and the Solstice. On the shadow side, watch for the desire to just kick the everyday necessities of life to the curb in favor of the bright and shiny. Balance, beloved, balance.

I’d love to hear how this New Moon feels for you? Can you allow yourself to stand in the zero point? What are you being called to recalibrate, renew, and restart? Please let me know in the comments. Blessed be.

And on a personal note….

I’m writing this post on Sunday the 16th of November, the day that marks my mother’s 88th birthday. Trudy — my mother — passed in 2005, and she has really been with me today. In my spiritual tradition, we say “What is remembered, lives.” And my mom is alive in me, and remembered; I see her in the mirror every day. And today I get to honor her, and share a glimpse of her with you, across four generations.

I have always looked like both my parents, but as I age, I see only my mother looking back at me in the mirror.

The first photo is of my mom and my grandparents, Fannie and Adolph.

Mom and her parents

The second is Trudy on her wedding day.

Mom on her wedding day

That’s me with mom. It’s probably a sweater around my shoulders, but I prefer to see it as a superhero cape.

Me and mom at a lake

And finally, my mother and my daughter Rose, age 2-ish.

Mom (now Grandma) with my daughter Rose

Mom, you are loved and you are missed. What is remembered, lives….

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  1. Sue, your words are balm, as always. And thank you for sharing your mom with us…definitely see you in her! So precious. Reminds me that I want to look at old family photos when I’m at my brother’s for Thanksgiving, since he’s currently the keeper of all we took from the family home after mom died. Blessings to you and your mom, who gave us a most amazing daughter!

  2. Sue,

    I really do appreciate and love this. As a “consummate” Sagittarian (at least that’s one the person who did my natal chart called me), I have a tendency to jump before I’m ready. If you read my most recent article, you’ll know that I initiated a small but major change in my life. Can I just tell you that the planets are in full alignment? LOL! And now with this new moon (serendipity to me since I don’t really track when the moon is new or full or waxing or waning…) is that this weekend, the weekend of the new moon, I’m launching a new book. This morning I realized it’s already written and has been sitting in one of my digital files collecting dust. Look out world…!!!

    • Peggy, yes I did read your post, and I wouldn’t call the change you’re making small at all. Sounds huge to me, way to go!

      I am excited to read more about the book.


  3. This is so amazing as this weekend I am releasing so much stuff as we pack to move on December 2. I feel this move is a time of renewal for me. A fresh start! I also wrote today on my blog about the changes that are happening there. My stalled project is my website, so today i will restart and for this new moon set my intentions clearly for the next month
    Loved reading about your Mum too xx

  4. I love your words – recalibrate – renew – restart. Especially as we head toward the new year. I know I don’t have to wait until then but it seems like such a logical time to do it. And it’s when I have some time off for thinking.

    • Diane, welcome here! Hey, about that year-end review: watch this space (or subscribe to the newsletter). I’m offering my Completion and Release workbook again this year (only $20.14), and will have it up for sale by the 15th of December. It’s a really helpful way to do just what you’re planning.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  5. Hi Sue, I had a feeling it was the New Moon, but had been running around too busy to check! I was happy to read your article and confirm this, and I’m grateful for the space to sink deeper into this time of new beginnings. I always appreciate your updates and explanations, and I love the picture of your mother on her wedding day 🙂

    • Christina, if I didn’t put the New and Full Moons in my calendar, there are times I wouldn’t notice either!

      Thanks for noticing the pix of my mom. I made a special book for her called “My Mother’s Smiles” which I gave her a year or two before her death. My mother did not smile much and finding these pictures was a sacred journey for me.

      Grateful for you,

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